Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

25 Dec 2011

Leanne Day 14

The Day 14 is a Christmas Eve.

The town is filled with a Christmas colour, people are busy shopping,
kids are excited.

In two days, I will be leaving to Japan, my home country !  It has been 12 years since last time I spent the New Year time in Japan.

New Year time is like a Christmas in Canada. People come back to the home town, family gathering, old friends reunite, gifts and cards exchange etc.

I am so excited to go back to Japan !!!

This is the last day to visit Leanne before the trip to Japan.

Because I really wanted to continue the everyday Reiki treatment for Leanne,
I have asked for people who learned Jikiden Reiki with me if they would be
interested in offering Reiki treatments during my absence. 

Well, I am so grateful that 5 people will be in shifts for two weeks,
and Leanne will be able to receive Reiki treatment every day !

That is so wonderful !

I love Reiki so much, but one of the best part of Reiki is that I get to meet
such a wonderful group of people.  I love the way Reiki brings people together.

Anyways, one of the people who will be visiting while I am gone to Japan,
she wanted to come with me today to join and observe  how I do Reiki treatment 
for Leanne.

That means Leanne will receive a group treatment today.

A group treatment means more than 2 hands on one body.  Some time 4 hands,
some time 8 or 10 hands on one body, which enhances the Reiki treatment
because we can cover more area in the same amount of time.

Today's treatment was, one hand on her weak arm, one hand on the back of her head, 
one hand on her upper back where the spasm is happening, one hand on her right hip 
for over one hour .

During the treatment, she had to move her arm few times because she said that the energy flow was so strong and causing some discomfort on her weak arm.

That is a good sign!

So, the 14 days of intensive Reiki treatment is done today. Next two weeks will be
done by 5 wonderful Reiki practitioners in shifts.

Only thing I can do while I am away is distant reiki.

I am already looking forward to coming back and start the next chapter of
Reiki treatment with her.

Have a wonderful relaxing holiday season, and see you in the New Years.....

With gratitude,
Mari Okazaki

23 Dec 2011

Leanne Day 13

Thank goodness, I am feeling better today ! I still have slight headache left over,
but I felt like it will go away very soon.

Before the trip to Japan, I wanted to continue Leanne's treatment

I could not go to Leanne's treatment yesterday, but my Reiki friend Erin went instead and Leanne was able to receive Reiki treatment.

Thank you Erin !!!

It sounded like the visit with Erin was wonderful for both of them.
I love the way Reiki brings people together!

Today is Day 13.

Leanne was on the bed already. She texted me earlier that she is having
a back spasm, so hopefully Reiki will reduce the discomfort.

I started the treatment from the head, as usual, and move to her arm.

She was starting to have good twitches, that is a good sign that Reiki is
working for her.

Sometime, her hand shakes for 2~3seconds and calms down.  It is kind of fun
to see all the reaction during the Reiki treatment.

Many people ask,
"How can you sit still for such a long period of time?"
"Don't you get bored?"
"What do you think during the Reiki treatment?"

I said,
"It is so fun to feel the sensation from each body, and I am enjoying
to see the reaction on their body.  I am not thinking anything, but enjoying
the feeling, so time flies so fast!"

Anyways, I moved my hands to the area where she was having spasms.

Soon after, my hands started to shake and I could feel her body was vibrating.

"oh,,,, interesting. I wonder if she is feeling the vibration..."

Then something strange happened.

My eyes were wide open, but I could see the air around her chest was in 
a yellow colour. 

It was like a yellow steam comes and goes around her chest.  I was not sure if 
the yellow steam was going into her body, or coming out from her body, but
for sure the yellow steam was there.

I often see colours when I am doing Reiki and my eyes are closed, but seeing 
the same colour with my eyes open does not happen too often.

Its absolutely beautiful !

Then I could feel the presence of Jesus.  It might sound very strange and koo-koo, but
sometime I feel the presence of Jesus.

I brought up in a Buddhist family, but I learned a little bit about Jesus by going to 
a private English class which was run by Christian family.  I couldn't agree with some of
the teaching of the Christianity, but I deeply love and respect Jesus Christ as a great master.

When I feel his presence, it is very obvious and strong, I can tell right away it is him.

I don't know why I feel him, but I know he is here to guide us.

And I believe the message that I received few days ago, "JUST CONTINUE" came from him.  When he gives me a message,  it is usually short and simple.

I said in my head,
"Yes, I will continue."

And I felt like he said,
"Don't get discouraged, even though she is having spasms, just keep doing."

I said in my head again,
"Yes, I will."

Then another interesting thing happen.

I could feel Quan Yin presence, too.  Quan Yin is a goddess of mercy and compassion.
I felt like she said to me,
"Why didn't you call me earlier?"

Then I realized that my slight headache disappear in that moment, and I could smell
really nice fragrance.  I can not tell what is this smell, but it was like a sweet flower.

For people who is reading this blog, please understand today's my experience was 
a bit out there, but it is what it is ! I am not making up story, it just happens

After the treatment, I was able to talk with Leanne, and she said,
"I'm not sure if you felt, but I could feel my entire body was vibrating at one moment!"

It is so wonderful to be able to feel the synchronistic of the Reiki treatment between
giver and receiver!

Tomorrow is the last treatment before my trip to Japan.

While I am in Japan for two weeks, 5 other practitioners will be in shifts
to continue the visit to Leanne for this intensive treatment. She will be able to
receive Reiki treatment everyday, except on Sundays.

I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful people who loves Reiki !!!

By the time I will be back, Leanne will be finishing up her 1st month of
the Reiki treatment.

My plan for this intensive treatment is to continue at least 3 month.

The first month will be balancing.
The second month will be repairing.
The third month will be regenerating.

Hope does not come true if we don't have a hope.

Hope does not come true if we do not do our best.

If I don't do our best, I will not see the best result.

I trust that the hope is here, and I do my best.

To be continue....

Leanne Day 12

Oh, ohhhh.

My head hurts.

I feel cold.

I had infrared sauna, and still feel cold.

I had a hot bath, and still feel cold.

Cold chills...

Headache is getting worse. No sneeze, no cough, but I feel sick.

Oh, no....

Tonight is the night that I arranged to visit Leanne with my Reiki friends who learned Reiki
with me, so then I can introduce her to Leanne, and show some trick to do Reiki
treatment on the hospital bed.

But, I should not go, in case this is a bad cold or flu...  I should not take chance to
give this sickness to Leanne while her immune system is weak.

I called my Reiki friend and told her I was feeling sick, but she said she would
still visit Leanne and do Reiki for her!

That's wonderful, Leanne can still receive Reiki treatment!

I made a big pot of strong ginger tea in thermos, had a hot foot bath to bring my
body temperature up, sipping the hot ginger tea through out the night,
used heating pad on and off to keep my body temperature up, pepper mint oil
on my head for the headache, place my Reiki hand on my head.

I had a good night sweat, that is the sign of cleansing.

It was not a cold nor flu, my body just needed to release some toxin.

By the morning, I was feeling fine !

Continue to the Day 13....

Leanne Day 11

Day 11

It is another day that I had to bring my kids with me. Kids are off playing together,
and I sat with Leanne to talk about few things.

After a good conversation with her, we started the Reiki treatment.

Children were making joyful noise in the basement, doing hide and seek, etc, so
I think Leanne could not fall asleep.  No worries, Reiki still works !

I asked if Leanne's son would like to come and continue to play with my children.

Her son decided to come with us, so Leanne got up from the bed and made 
a sandwich for him!

Her son and my children had a fun day together, and Leanne had a quiet afternoon.

to be continued...

Leanne Day 10

Day 10 

Ever since I have met Leanne, I have been doing distant reiki whenever
I have time.

Distant reiki is one of my favourite treatment technique that I can do
Reiki without meeting with the receiver.  Here is some blog that I wrote in the past.
Yoga and distant reiki 
Distant Reiki

We have been trying to arrange a distant reiki for a while, and finally
today, we are able to connect in the same time.

I sent a text,
"Leanne, what are you doing now? Would you like a distant reiki?"

Leanne replied,
"I would love to. I am helping my son to build Knex. Would distraction be OK? What do you suggest?"

I replied,
"Distraction would not matter. Keep doing whatever you are doing. I will start in 2 minutes for 30minutes."

She replied,
"I will be ready."

So, I did a distant reiki for 30minutes.
This is the best case scenario, to arrange a time to do distant reiki so both of us are 
being aware that we are doing a Reiki treatment.

But distant reiki still works when the receiver is sleeping, in coma, or not aware
that they are receiving reiki at all.

Anyways, the same day in the evening, we have arranged to do reiki treatment 
in person.

I arrived to her home in the evening.  She was up an walking around trying to
ask her husband to do laundries and other things. It is nice to see her
walking around!

I asked,
"So, how did you feel about the distant reiki?"

She said,
"To be honest, I did not feel anything :) !"

That is totally alright!  Reiki still reaches her.

We settled down to the reiki treatment, and I left her home after 80minutes.

I said goo bye to her husband who was trying to finish his work in his office. He looked
a bit tired, and I wished I could do Reiki for him, too.

But I need to keep the balance between myself, Reiki and my family. It is important
to listen to my limitation, even though I feel better after the Reiki, I still need
to spend time for myself.

to be continue,,,. 

20 Dec 2011

Leanne Day 9

Day 9.

We have arranged a play date for Leanne's kids and my kids, during the Reiki treatment.

School is in a Christmas break.
My husband is working, my children are too young to stay home by themselves,
so I decided to bring them along with me, and let them play together.

Leanne has two children, a girl in grade 5, a boy in grade 3. I have three children,
a boy in grade 4, a girl in grade 2, a boy in kindergarten.

5 kids in total...

Yes, they are all in a different grade, they have never played together before,
what will happen ? WIll they get along, or not?

We walked in her home, they introduced each other, and in 2 minutes,
they disappeared from our sites.

For the whole 1.5hour, we did not hear a thing from girls, and we only heard 
joyful conversations from boys who were building Knex project.

Leanne was in bed, but she needed to take her hoodie off so then she does not
get too hot during the treatment.

She lift herself off from the back rest, bring her legs down to the floor.

I said,
"Oh, so, getting off from the bed is OK for you."

Because I have never seen her getting out from the bed, and I always help her holding her both legs and swing them into the bed.

She said,
"Yes, getting off is easy, but you know what? Look what I can do now."

She took her hoodie off, and bring herself into a certain angle to be able to get herself
into bed.

She held one leg at a time and got in the bed by herself!  

That is amazing !

In all that noise that boys were making, Leanne fell asleep during the Reiki

She had lots of twitches, jolts and muscle movements.

Reiki is such a gentle treatment that we only place hands quietly on receivers body.
But the body response to the energy flow that is caused by the Reiki treatment and 
start to adjust their own body.

Most of the people's belly starts to gargle, some people start to shake their body uncontrollably, some people twitch and jolt, some people start to cry, 
some people just fall asleep and shake the window with their snore.

It is all the good sign that Reiki is working for their body.

I am so looking forward to seeing her tomorrow!

to be continue...

18 Dec 2011

Leanne Day 8

Today is the Day 8, Sunday morning.

8:30am is the only time it could work so we have arranged to unlock the door, so I can sneak into the quiet house on Sunday morning.

Leanne was waiting for me in the bed.

"Good morning!" I whispered.

"Good morning!" She whispered, too.

She said she had another good day yesterday, and she is continuously amazed how stronger she is feeling everyday.  

When I teach Reiki, I sometime talk in the class,
"When you do Reiki, you want to ask yourself a question."
"Do I want to do Reiki because I want to make them feel better, or because I want to see others feeling better?" 

If the answer is 
"Because I want to make them feel better."
then I better not doing Reiki. 

I asked myself what is my answer this time.

This time, my answer wasn't neither, but my answer was,

"I,,, just want to see what will happen next day."

I don't know what will happen next day, no one knows about tomorrow. But I know
Reiki always does something good. I just want to see how much Reiki worked.

Today's treatment worked on me, very much.  The beauty of the Reiki is when I give Reiki treatment, I receive Reiki treatment.  Most of the time, I feel better than before I start Reiki treatment for someone.

People ask me,
"Don't you get tired???"

"Noooop!  It's fun!"

Anyways, during Leanne's treatment, I became very emotional today. I could feel tears go down one after another.

I did not realize that I am still holding onto some of the old emotions that I thought
I got over it.  I felt like it flushed away with tears, and filled up with courage.

Then, I sensed someone sent me a text to my soul.  It might sound strange, but I sometime
receive messages to my soul in "text". Very short text, but strong and bold and clear.

It says,


When I receive this kind of message, it is usually very short, but lots of meanings
come with it.   I don't know how I know the meaning, but it seems like I sense it.

I translated this short message as,
"Mari, Just continue what you do and you will see the result. This is the given opportunity
for you to see the power of the commitment. Continue is the power."


17 Dec 2011

Leanne Day 7

I had a busy day today. One of those day that I thought my husband is off work,
so I scheduled everything based on being able to share the kid's responsibility.
But, today, he is working.

"No~~~! I have to juggle three kids by myself~!"

12:00pm ~ 2:30pm, Mayu has a Birthday Party which takes 20minutes get there, 
1:00pm ~ 3:00pm, Keith wants to go to the Pokemon card game day, 
3:00pm ~ 4:30pm, I planned Leanne's treatment, 
5:00pm ~ 7:00pm, I am planning to join a Christmas event and offer Reiki sessions.

Good thing I had a slow morning.

Anyway, I managed to juggle the tasks, and I drove into Leanne's drive way. 

When I was walking towards the front door where I usually let myself in,
the door started to open.

I thought,
"Ah, the school is in Christmas break, today is Saturday. Her curious kids must have heard 
my car drove in and opening the door for me."

I leaned forward to see who opened the door, and just about to say 
"Hi guys!", I gasped.

Leanne was the one opened the door.
She was in a zip-up hoodie and jeans. Her hair looked curlier than usual, and her
face looked pinker than usual.

Leanne said,
"Oh sorry, did I scare you?"

I couldn't say anything for a moment but said,
"No... You, just,, touched me."  
In my mind,  "No, no, no, no tears, hold it, Mari."

I was absolutely amazed, and I would not ever thought this will happen
so soon. Because, few days ago, I had a blink moment that I thought,
"One day, Leanne will open the door for me."

I've never experienced the joy of someone open the door 
from inside to let me in.

It really reminded me the moment of the gratitude when my husband (a boyfriend back then) came home from work and said "Tadaima ~!".
It means "I'm home." in Japanese. This particular word is only used for the family
who comes home.
When I heard the word "Tadaima.", I felt a great gratitude that I was not alone anymore.

It is such a simple thing, but we take granted of its beauty.

Someone open the door to let you in, is such a simple and ordinary thing, but
it was out of ordinary this time. 

I could only hold my hand on my chest and said,
"Look at you! My goodness!"

Leanne said,
"I had a shower by myself, standing, I have my hoodie on and 
feels so good to wear jeans!"

After the little conversation, we started the Reiki treatment.
This time, I did not have the strange sensation, but she looked relaxed and peaceful."

Sharing Leanne's progress has become one of the regular conversation in my family.

I came home and said to my children,
"Guess what!"

Keith said,

I said,

Keith said,
"Let me guess, let me guess!  She was going up-down the stairs?"
"She was playing with her kids?"
"She was cooking?"
"Just tell me, just tell me!"

"Leanne, opened the door for me to let me in."

16 Dec 2011

Leanne Day 6

I knocked on the door and let myself in.

I heard Leanne's joyful voice.

"Good morning! I'm in the bathroom! I am wondering if you can put the note on the door, and the note is on the kitchen table."


I went in the kitchen and found the note.

"Reiki treatment is in session. 
Please do not dusturb. 
Thank you."

Reiki works with or without the disturb. But it is much nicer if she can just fall right
in to the relaxation state. This note is a great idea !

She came out from the bathroom, walking by herself, I could not see 
the walker around her at all. 

The walker was there by her bed, and it seemed like it was not touched 
in the morning. Few laundries were hanged on the walker.

That's a good thing! 
Thank you walker for carrying her laundries!

She is getting stronger and stronger everyday, it is obvious.

I am so grateful to be able to do the Reiki treatment everyday for her.  Reiki brings 
a benefit with just one treatment for a minor ailment like cuts, bruises, burns etc.
But the chronic illness needs the constant treatment.

Especially the cancer treatment needs to be at least 5 times/week, if not everyday.

Today is the Day 6. 

I started the treatment from the head as usual.

Again, I had a strange feeling. My right arm was started to shake so bad, and I am pretty 
sure Leanne was feeling it too.

Every treatment is different, even though when I am woking on a same person, in a same way. Sometime shaking hands or arm happens during the treatment. 
Usually, when the shaking hands happens, it is when the major stress is releasing
from that spot where my hand is.

In her case, the stress was releasing from the base of her scull.
I thought,
"Ah, the stress is releasing from the pineal gland."

She mentioned that she could not fall asleep the night before. Maybe that is the reason
 that pineal gland was under the stress this morning.

It is an uncontrollable shake with lots of shivering feeling in my body that I have to take
few deep breaths. For some people it looks 'weird'.  But I don't care if it looks
weird or not!  It's working anyway!

After the uncontrollable shake was stopped, I moved my hands to her spine and hip.

Well, strange feeling again.

I thought,
"Miss Reiki's busy day today. "

The upper outside parts of my left arm was started to twitch, uncontrollably. It is the exact spot that Leanne has the bone metastasis, but on my arm.

This also happens sometime, and it is usually very uncomfortable.  It is just like the not stop twitches on your eyes, when you are in lack of sleep.

I wondered,
"Why is it happening on my left arm on that exact spot?"
then I thought,
"Oh, this is the exact spot where Leanne has the bone metastasis! Reiki must be
working really hard on her arm now!"

I am curious to hear how she felt on her arm.

to be continued...