Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

27 Sept 2014

Ikuko's blog "Inside of the Jikiden Reiki " Part 4 ~ Digging out old photos

This story is another one that you would really enjoy ! 
Ikuko has been with Jikiden Reiki institute since 2002, and she dug out some of 
the photos from back then :) 
We can see she has been enjoying taking photos then !
Enjoy reading !

"For some reason, lately, I have been digging out the old photos 
from 12 years ago. 
Thankfully, I have done the major organizing my photo albums once, so
I was able to find the photos that I was looking for... However, my old memories
came back to my mind fresh and clear.  
Especially, in year 2004 (just 10 years ago). That was the time when I started to
take more photo with my digital camera.  As I looked at those photos,
I felt sentimental and my heart slipped back to the old time. 
There are people who I met then and I still have the connection to this day.
Of course, those people are in my old photo. . . .
"Everyone. . . . you guys look so young ~ ! "
It feels like the photo is more vibrant with youth, and young energy is
bursting out from the photo.  
I'm not the exception . . . 10 years sure can change many things . . . 
As I am looking at those photos, I decided to make this blog into
the old photo galleries. 

This is the photo when I visited Germany for the first time.
2004 August . . . 
Yamaguchi sensei from Jikiden Reiki, and Arjava sensei.


Perhaps, this photo below is capturing the moment when we were feeling
so relieved after finishing the very first over sea seminar.

This is the photo when Arjava sensei came to Kyoto in the same year in the fall. 
Two of you look young, don't you ~ !?. 

Both of them are very important people in my life and they have been great teachers for me to this day. This is my favourite photo ♫
Ha ha ~ , I was young too, just like eveyrone !

A special photo from the fall, 2004 :) 


Oh, look, I found this photo as well ~ !

Captured one photo at a pool bar in London.
Doesn't Yamaguchi sensei look cool ! "  

The end :)

5 Sept 2014

Ikuko's blog "Inside of the Jikiden Reiki " Part 3 ~ An ordinary day of the Jikiden Reiki Office

The Ikuko's blog series sure make Jikiden Reiki Kyoto staff so close
to us  ! This story is another one that you would really enjoy ! 
So many people aren't able to travel to Japan, and Ikuko's blog
gives you the virtual tour in the Jikiden Reiki Kyoto office :) 
Big thank you to Ikuko for keep us posted !  

This morning, I went to the regular Hula lesson, but I totally forgot about
it supposed to be a "photo day" for the recital in October!  I had to take
a profile photo without a special effect (make ups) to make my face
as a photo acceptable,,,, (;´ω`)ノ oh, ooohh, I'm scared to see my photo
in the program...

Anyway, I went to Kyoto after the Hula lesson to do some office work
at the Jikiden Reiki office.

Just a little walk from the near by station, but it was
a hot and humid walk ! (´Д`;)。

They weren't having a seminar in the office, so the atmosphere in
the Jikiden Reiki office was "Working mode" for all the staffs
include Yamaguchi sensei. 

Today, I am writing about "an ordinary day of the Jikiden Reiki office",
(well, I just don't have any other topic to write for the blog today ... lol) 

Ms. H (left), she looks over the whole thing, she is the general manager.
She can handle her work unbelievably in a fast speed and you can't even see
her hands are moving some time !  She has a nickname as "ZAQ" (fast cable connection),
but lately, her nickname has changed to "LTE" (the fastest cable connection !)

Here is the scene behind the office. Many emails and phone calls come to
this corner.  Global wind flows in a small Kyo Machiya (old Kyoto style office).

Ms. HM (sitting on the right). She is another very important office staff (& great cook).
I couldn't get her face in the photo today (´Д`;)。Next time ~ ! 


Here is Ms. Arakawa, kneeling on the tatami floor in the small room
in the upstairs of the Jikiden Reiki office. She is like a BIG MAMA for all Jikiden Reiki
staffs who has been with Yamaguchi's sine long before Jikiden Reiki was formed.
Here, she was doing calligraphy on each certificates one at a time in serenity... 

The certificates issued by Jikiden Reiki are keeping the same style with
how Usui sensei, the founder of Reiki, was issuing.
"Yotsu-ori": means "folding into 4 section" is the common traditional way of Japanese certificate for any kind of traditional teaching.

There is a Japanese ways of expression "Origami Tsuki" (Direct translation: Comes with a folded paper). It means "I guarantee this person." . Because, in old days, when
people are certified with a special skill, they would receive a folded certificate (folded paper), and it represents "This person is guaranteed by teacher."

So when people introduce a skilled person (in any talent) for others, people say
"This person comes with Origami ! " and it is a great compliment for a skilled person.

Certificates with her beautiful hand calligraphies are on the wall of all over the world.

And, here is Mr. Yohei Yamaguchi, red stamping on the certificates. 

He can't help himself to make a funny pose for the photo everytime. But his work
is always tidy and neat, unlikely the way how I work ,,,, I should follow his example...

"Thump!", sometime we can hear the sound from down stairs when he is stamping.
But he doesn't use the force, but he has to use his body and shift his weight
to make a clear result. Since he has take over this part of the responsibility,
we hear positive comments from people such as "The red stamp is nice and clear lately !"

By the way, Mr. Yohei looks so much like his father (Yamaguchi sensei) lately....
('-'*)(,_,*)('-'*)(,_,*) He used to look like the good looking one from a popular idle group from
a TV show,,,, but...  Well, 10 years is long enough to have some evolution on human, right?
You look much more attractive than 10 years ago, Yohei (´0ノ`*)

And, Hello there, our IT manager, Mr. Jose (。・ω・)ノ゙... 
He is working in a usual position in front of the computer. 

When we finish the congress in Spain, we should keep the promise of going for
the Bowling & Karaoke night, OK ! (^_-)☆。

Soon, Yamaguchi sensei will leave to Spain (for the seminar & congress).
We are having crazy busy days for the preparation, but I hope he will have
some rest to charge up his energy before he leaves to Spain... 

I'm leaving 1 week after they (Yamaguchi sensei & Jose) left, since I will be joining only for the congress (not the seminar).  There are only 10 days left before the congress in Spain....
I can't believe it...

I thought I would escape from the heat in Japan, but it looks like Spain is as hot as in Japan... 

Note from Mari : Yamaguchi sensei was a bit of reluctant to share this issue of Ikuko's blog as it shows how they make certificates. He thinks it is too open to the public since it supposed to be a sacred process. He agreed to share this issue because it helps people to understand how hard working our staffs are and you can see the dedication and integrity in every steps of Jikiden Reiki office work. So please do not share "your" process of making certificate in public, if you do so, please choose photos that is not so clear.
He also concerns that sometime we can see some stuffs on the office floor, but please understand that Japanese people use the floor as our table sometime, and it doesn't mean we are being disrespectful to the things on the floor.

2 Sept 2014

Ikuko's blog "Inside of the Jikiden Reiki " Part 2 ~ Adopted family ?

I heard from many people who really enjoyed reading Ikuko's writing !  I will try to keep it up ! 
Thank you for a fun reading, Ikuko san ! 

This time, you will see how family-like oriented Jikiden Reiki staffs are... So heart warming :)

With gratitude,

I usually spend 2~3 weeks in Germany this season for the past 10 years .

I had a privilege to visit Germany in 2004 for the first time to assist
the Jikiden Reiki Seminar with Tadao Yamaguchi sensei. Since then,
the seminar became an annual event, and I realized that I visited
10 consecutive years ! 

However, I decided to stay home this year because of my personal reason...

I still help to prepare for the seminar in Germany as usual, by communicating
with the organizer, preparing the certificates and packing.

So, today, I am writing about the time when I visited Jikiden Reiki Office in Kyoto to see
everyone and also to prepare for the German seminar.

OK, Usually, this place is filled with peaceful Reiki energy, but this time was
different, because of the preparation for the oversea seminar. It even feels
like the room is filled with "Sakki" not "Reiki" !  
- killer storm atmosphere VS peaceful wind atmosphere, LOL.

Yamaguchi sensei was finalizing the material (his new discovery!) to share at the 2nd Teacher's Meeting in

Certificates for the German seminar are
finally prepared ... phew ! (*´Д`)=з。

The IT(Information Technology) Manager , Mr. Jose sits in front of the computer, as usual. 
He is the Shigoto no Oni ! ( means demon of work ) 
-- a Japanese complement for a hard worker. 

I should boil-make an infusion tea with the stuffing in his nail ... (yeww!)
 -- an old Japanese way of saying "to take a lesson from a wise person."  

Do you see so many computers on his desk ? 

Behind Yamaguchi sensei (as a control tower), I found
Yohei is packing for the seminar !
aHa ha ~, he is kneeling on the floor, as usual :) 

 How well behaved he is (σ・∀・)σ !

I shall follow your example as well, Yohei !

Everyone complements that his work is very neat and tidy, and his wrapping technique
is even better than the package from Amazon.com ... 

He mentions,
"If I was fired from Jikiden Reiki, I wonder if
Amazon.com could hire me ... "

Oh, we were so busy and everyone in the office really wished your 4 hands could give us some help.

Anyways, we usually have lunch together in the office.
It is a VERY important communication time. 

Does it looks like a family ? 

--- Greedy me, to visit them around the lunch time
to make sure I get to eat with them ? !  lol 

I usually tease them as "A fake family ♫", and 
sometime I'm invited to join  this fake family lunch :)

In that case, I made the time 100% "fun" by playing a role of 

Because of a guest (me!), it was even more luxurious
menu, cooked with love and care :)

Thank you for preparing the meal for the big family
with 8 people today ! 

  "Looks yummy ~~ ♫" ヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ


Bon Appétit !  

These two man on the left, eat a lot.

Do you know how much they can eat ?

They eat a lot as much as when I eat diligently.
( means A LOT)

My favourite meal of the day was the home made
potato salad made by Ms. H :)
It was so yummy ♫

Chiyoko Yamaguchi sensei, a mother of Tadao Yamaguchi sensei, always invited
people for meals. She would say,
"Oh, I don't have anything special to treat you, but come in and
join our meal if you would like."
and offered meals for any visitors who stopped by for a moment.  Everyone was very happy with her hospitality...

It makes me feel so warm and cozy  ... ≧(´▽`)≦

Yamaguchi sensei will miss this delicious home made Japanese meal for 3 weeks
while he is in Germany ... 

Have a safe trip to Germany, Yamaguchi sensei ♫  To be honest, I really
wanted to go with you...  (´_`。)

I will await for your return in Japan and I am looking forward to having a meal
with the big family in the old Machiya town house. (Traditional Kyoto home)

Safe Journey !!! 

1 Sept 2014

Ikuko's blog "Inside of the Jikiden Reiki " Part 1

I have received a permission from Ikuko to make it in to English version !

Ikuko Hirota, is our Jikiden Reiki staff with sweet, caring, intelligent with a great sense of humour.  Although, she is not only "a staff" but she is one of the pioneer team of Jikiden Reiki Institute ! She has helped translated Yamaguchi sensei's books "LIght on the Origin of Reiki" and his other book co-published with Frank Arjava Petter "Hayashi Reiki Manual. She is a Jikiden Reiki Dai-Shihan, and one of Chiyoko sensei's favourite student. She is an Aroma therapist, and Mayan Calender reader, and more and more ! 

She is the perfect example of,
"A good thing comes in a small package."  
In her tiny body, she has so many gifts! 
If you haven't met her, please visit Kyoto, and I know you will love her instantly !  

She writes her blog almost daily, and some time she writes about
"inside of the Jikiden Reiki".  

Everytime when I read her blog about Jikiden Reiki, I wished Jikiden Reiki followers
in the world can read it, because it makes me feel so grateful to be a part of
this down to earth, hard working and compassionate Jikiden Reiki family ... 

So here it is, excerpt from Ikuko's blog on June 16, 2014. 

"I have been one of the staff for "Jikiden Reiki". It has been 15 years since the founder,
Tadao Yamaguchi sensei established this institute. It has started small, but now there are nearly 20,000 graduates in the world ! 

My role is to communicate with non-Japanese Shihan/Shihankaku and take orders
for the certificates and manuals. However, the number of the teachers in the world has 
been increasing every year, and I receive many emails, not only about the certificates but also about general questions from all over the world.

I have been sitting in front of the computer in the middle of the night, every night ... 

Anyways, in the past few years, many people has been requesting 
"Can Jikiden Reiki create its own official Facebook Page?" because of
the development of the Social Network Service.


I have "no" skill to handle the modern technology, even though, I was the only one
who was handling the communication with non-Japanese, thus, I had been put
those request aside....  

Amazingly, when we need a help, the perfect person has appeared ! 

Mr. Jose Sugawara ! An Argentina with Japanese blood, Spanish as his first language, and he speaks Japanese and English.  He is a very intelligent person who can handle anything from Law and Regulation, IT, and everything, but very NICE GUY !

Jikiden Reiki International membership

He has been working with us as a Jikiden Reiki staff since last spring, and he is the most
needed person for Jikiden Reiki to catch up with this technology world. 

Since he joined as a staff, finally the "21 century" has come to Jikiden Reiki ~~ ! 
Establishing the Facebook page, renewed the website, online payment system, etc etc...

Thanks to Jose, we have been using the Facebook public page
the closed group for Jikiden Reiki graduates. 

We now have English, Japanese and Spanish website ! 

While Jose is doing computer work, I am watching over his computer admiring his work,
 "Wow, that's amazing work ! Oh, THAT's how you do it ! " 
Although, I don't understand a bit of what he does :) 

He has been sitting in front of the computer since this morning.

By the way, we have our new movement ! 
After long15 years, Yamaguchi sensei has decided to build an official Jikiden Reiki membership group to be able to connect with graduates and teachers. 

Yamaguchi sensei has been reluctant to make a membership for a long time,
 because he didn't want to make Jikiden Reiki Institute looks like a 
"Religious group with a pyramid style"
also it seemed to be too difficult to organize, because, thankfully non-Japanese Shihans
has been spreading the Jikiden Reiki to the world, and it seems too wide spread to be able to handle.

Although, since Jose has appeared to our institute, Yamaguchi sensei finally
took a new step !  (LOTS of work for Jose... )

The membership name is "International Jikiden Reiki Tomono Kai". : Tomono kai -- sounds like a membership for the neighbourhood grocery store, like "join a costco membership!" 

When Yamaguchi sensei chose the name "Tomono kai", I thought he was joking,
but apparently, he was serious, and the final decision is "Tomono kai" .
Aw, I guess it fits our Jikiden Reiki style, "Good old time in Japan..." .

I was wondering would this plan really go through, and if there is any people who would pay a fee to be a member ?  

Despite my worries, many people already signed up ! I'm the member, too ! :) 

Shihankaku or higher level can sign up as a full member ship, and they can have their own
profile page in the website ! 

The news travel very fast, and I am now receiving email from different countries,
"Can you explain to me something about the membership, please ?" 

Anyways, this young man is Mr. Yohei Yamaguchi, Tadao Yamaguchi's son. He has started to work as a Jikiden Reiki staff, and being a helpful assistant for Yamaguchi sensei. The other day, when they went to the library to look for some materials, Yohei was the one who helped Yamaguchi sensei when he couldn't read an article (because of his old eyes :) )  at a library by reading it for him and made a copy for him.

He goes to the oversea seminar with Yamaguchi sensei, and already made many friends with his loveable character .

In this photo, He is being very polite, and doing the paper work by kneeling on the chair. His work is neat and tidy, very different than how I work... 

 Pasting the address stickers. 
I really enjoy this kind of simple paper work !

I enjoy the day of paper work !

In this photo, you can see our hidden big boss, Ms. H, is packing for the German seminar.

And Jose is still in the same position. 

The usual seminar room in Kyoto looked like a complete disaster with papers, 
preparation and just a messy office, but, but, I am so looking forward to seeing
how Jikiden Reiki continues to flourish !!! 

End of Ikuko's blog ( to be continued to the Part 2)