Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

22 Feb 2013

Sunflower 5 ~Together

This story is continuing from Sunflower 4 ~ Friendship.

OK, so, we both went to Japan in the summer of 2000.

I went back to my home town Nagasaki, he went to Osaka to live with his girlfriend. It is about 750km away.

It had been almost 1 year since I left Japan and I was very excited to meet my friends, sisters and relatives.  

When I arrived, everything seemed to be just as same as 1 year ago, but I felt like my perspective had changed. I noticed the small things of Japanese life .

"So many people everywhere!"

"Always crowded bus!"

"MacDonald's drink seems so small!"

"No refill for coffee??"

"Neck tie and suit for the hot summer?" 

 "Fire crackers noise every night?" (Summer time in Nagasaki)

"Everyone is texting?"

I also noticed how good the customer service is !!  I really think Japan is one of the best
country to learn a good customer service !

Everyone is bowing. either just tilting the neck while waving good bye to the friends, or giving a really good bowing.

And, FOOD !!  Food is so delicious! 


He came to visit Nagasaki with his girlfriend. I took them for sight seeing around the town. We had a good dinner together and they stayed in my small apartment.

I had things to sort out, decision to make, took care of my sister's family while my niece fell in serious illness.

Soon after, I made a final decision to go back to Canada and study more about business, accountings, e-commerce, so I could perhaps get a real job in Vancouver and start a new life from zero.  This time, I didn't know how long I would be gone from Japan, so I rented a storage room to keep furnitures and stuff. 

Around the same time, he was trying to make his decision if he would go back to Canada, because he couldn't stand the heat and humid in Japan, and also starting to realize that his girlfriend might not be the life time soul mate... 

In a fall of the year 2000.

Off I went. To Vancouver. Attending to a business college for a new journey.

Of he went. To Chilliwack. Starting his life all over.

We had reunited again as friends, still didn't realize that the life time soul mate
was right in front of each other.

But things started to roll, together this time.




Then a baby.

Then,,,, a baby.

This is how the sunflower brought me the precious life that I have now.

Thank you sunflower, and thank you everyone came to 
my life in a past, present, and also in a future.

Sunflower series, it's the end... 

21 Feb 2013

It's been a while ... blog is coming up soon !

OK, it's been too long since I had posted the last story, isn't it ?

Thank you for people who mention to me 

"What is happening to your blog site?", "I gave up to open your blog, because it hasn't updated since September! "

It made me realize that it wasn't only me who were enjoying writing my own story, but there were people who were also enjoying reading my blog :)

Thank you so much !  

After the last post, I had gone to Halifax to do another translation for my Jikiden Reiki
 teacher, Mr.Yamaguchi in October, 2012.

I was wiped out for a while. You can visit my older post of "Mission as a translator 1" (series of 1~3 stories).  
I slept and slept for 16 hours per day for 3 days, and was able to recover from the wiped out brain ! 

Then I had an opportunity of volunteering with Chilliwack Hospice Society as a co-facilitator for a bereavement group of people who lost family member died of suicide.

The group started in November, and it was supposed to be for 8 weeks, but it turned out to be 12 weeks session.

I was quite bit wiped out for a while....  

I will write about this wonderful opportunity of volunteering at Hospice society from now on. Well, after I finish my Sunflower stories ! 

Few people told me that the Sunflower series aren't finished, so I will add one more story, then move on to the volunteer stories.

Please give me some time and visit again soon !

Thank you!