Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

23 Mar 2011

Two languages, two bridges.

In 1999, when I came to Canada for the first time,  my brain ached.

With my experience, Brain-ache is very different than the headache.

It is like over-used-muscle that aches.  

I had to listen very carefully what people are saying in English, 
and I had to understand in Japanese.
Then I had to think of what to reply in Japanese and translated 
my thought into English.

By the time when I was ready to reply to the conversation, the subject 
had moved on and I missed the opportunity to speak up my opinion.

That was the beginning of my life in Canada, 1999.

My best friend was a electric dictionary !!!

Over the years, my brain started to think in English and my dream became all in English.

But I had the same brain-ache last week while I was translating between Japanese and English.

"I remember this pain, from 1999..."

My Reiki teacher came from Japan and offer his class.  As he does not speak English, I was there to translate the entire class.

That means,
His Japanese into English,

Japanese student's Japanese into English so then Canadian students will understand,

Canadian student's English into Japanese.

It is 4 times more conversation is happening in my head !
After few days, my head got used to the unusual activity, 
so the brain-ache was gone, phew!!!

Originally, I thought this would be easy for me as I speak both language at home, and I always translate for kids and my husband if they don't understand.

But when it comes to the class, it requires lot more focus, and also I hold responsibility that I can not miss any teaching contents that my teacher is giving to his students.

In 1999, I never thought that I would do translation for anyone as I had a very little English skill.

When I came to Canada, I wanted to be a "bridge" between Japan and Canada in some way, but I did not know what I could do to be a "bridge" with having a poor English skill.

In 11 years, I think I have been building two bridges!!!

One bridge is to teach Reiki, the Japanese treatment method, to Canadians.
Another bridge is to translate my teacher's class.

Both bridges are in on-going construction and I keep putting effort to make those bridges to be strong so then many people can go across without falling!

For people who went across those bridges, 

"Thank you for your trust! Please come back again to cross the bridge!!!"

3 Mar 2011

Doll Festival - Hina Matsuri

Lately, I have been so busy with the preparation of Jikiden Reiki Vancouver seminar
with Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi...

I realized that I have not write my blog for over 2 weeks!

Today, I would like to write about "Doll Festival", in Japanese we call 

"Hina Matsuri"

"Hina Matsuri" takes place on March 3rd, and celebrates "Girls Day". Today is the day families pray for the happiness and prosperity for their daughters and to help ensure that they grow up healthy and beautiful. (Well, we pray everyday, not only March 3rd.)

Displaying the dolls are meant to ward off evil spirits from girls
and wish children's happiness in future.

People display dolls in a certain way.
This is one of the full 7 rows expensive set.

Happy couple on the top, 
three ladies (Kanjo or Miko) in the second row, 
five musicians (Gonin Bayashi) in the third row, 
some foods,
three body guards (zuijin) in the 5th row,
then some furnitures.

I don't have the full set like this, but I have this cute ones!

Hina doll sets always has a happy couple on the top.
These three ladies in the second row are "Kanjo" or "Miko"
Mikos are there to support the happy couple.

This set only came with the couple. 
He looks a bit serious while she looks easy going.
That might be the key for a happy marriage ?

 This is a cute set for cat lovers.

 This is my special display.
When my daughter was born, my friend, Wakana, made this paper art
to celebrate my daughter's first doll festival.

This is not a drawing!

Paper art is another Japanese culture, called Chigiri-eh.
Cut and paste coloured papers to make art.

Some towns in Japan, they make straw dolls like this. 

Bring it to the river or ocean and let them float, 
so then the doll will take the troubles away from children.  

I just love those little customs in Japan.  

In Jikiden Reiki class, we always talk about "Miko"

Because Miko(巫) is a part of kanji charactor of Reiki 靈氣。

Old days, Miko were the ladies who serve for god. 
Old days, Miko were like spiritual midiums who receive messages from god and
passed the message to people to help open up their life path.
They took important to role in humans lives.

These are Mikos in Hina Doll display.

They are Mikos in real life.

Accept, not expect, is the key for happy relationship, I think.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Hina Matsuri !!!