Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

26 Dec 2010

Doll House

I love doll house.

Now the doll house is under the high bed that
my handy dandy husband has built.

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By the way, I love doll house furnitures and goods more than doll house itself.

Tiny winsty stuffs!  I just love them so much !


This Doll House is more amazing than these two bunk beds modification.
My handy dandy husband built this doll house !  

Yes, He BUILT it, from scratch.
It is not from a kit.
For me, it is almost scary that
a human can build this.

My brain does not work the same ways, so 
carpenters who can build houses, 
blow my mind !!!

This doll house has many rooms just like our cozy home.

It has bed rooms just like our cozy home,,,

and a bathroom...

Yes, this doll house looks just like our cozy home,
because my handy dandy husband measured our home and built
our mini cozy home  for my daughter's 3rd birthday !!!

Now she is 6yrs, old enough to help me to decorate the interior of the doll house,
so I am thinking to get some materials for curtain, carpet, tiles, etc...

It will be so much fun !!!

Reiki for cat

We do not have a pet.

But I love animals!

Whenever I visit people who has dogs, cats, horses, fish etc, I do reiki.
They absolutely love it!!!

With my experience, especially cats response really well with Reiki.

Click here "Mari gives Reiki for a cat"
This cat, I do not know her name, was running around few minutes 
before I sat down with her.
She seemed to be a very hyper cat, and jumping all over the cabin
where I was visiting.
I gently moved towards her and started to rub her head.

Right away, she started to purring and slowly walked up the stairs.

I felt like she was asking me to come with her, so I followed her
and there was a bed.

She sat down on the bed and I put my hand on her head.

She really calmed down and fell asleep... zzz...

This is my "Awwww..." moment !

I find that doing Reiki for animals are very much healing for myself.

Humans are not always pure, and we tend to have certain pre-judgement. 
If people do not know what is Reiki,and how it works, they can judge about 
Reiki based on their knowledge that can block the energy flow. 

Animals, on the other hand, they are very pure and they know what is good.
They know Reiki is only good for them.  So, it brings a good energy flow while 
doing Reiki for animals, and it is very much healing, soothing and calming
for the giver.

If you practice Reiki and if you haven't try Reiki for animals,
I highly suggest you to try!!!

15 Dec 2010

Bunk Bed Part 2 !!!

We had a plan to go to ski last weekend, but we had a heavy rain.

Skiing in a rain with three kids would not be too much fun.

I suggested my husband,

"Why don't we do the bed modification today ? "

My husband said,
"That's a good idea."

"Yes !  He said 'Yes' !!!" 
I have to keep him motivated !

OK, this is my daughter's room.
Everything is on the floor.
I clean up, but clean room does not last 2 days.

This time, he was quick to come back and get going!
Daddy holds the drill, Geoff pulls the trigger.
High bed needs a good support, otherwise it is too wobbley.
Hand drill hurts little ears.
Mayu is excited to have her high bed!
She even helps putting her bed together.
Ladder is also handmade.  Daddy's proud looking.
Ladder detail.  Each steps are snuggled into grooves.
Now she has her own space to do crafting, colouring, writing letters, etc.

Daddy even mounted a light.

Doll house is under the bed, and lots of floor space now!!!

We will see how long this clean room last !
Because the boys room is already,,,,,

"Super clean" into,

3 days later, "Super messy".

That's OK !
This is the sign of children are having fun !

12 Dec 2010

Thank you card

Ever since I was very young, I always like to write 
hand written letters, not typing.

Since I moved to Canada 1999, I started to own my own computer, and the hand writing opportunity went down dramatically.  

Just about everything can be done online, even greeting cards.

I still like receiving e-card for Birthday and special occasions, but I like the moment when I found the personal regular mail in my mail box.

"Yeah ! The Snail Mail" !

P.S. Sorry Jodi, my niece, she has a snail phobia as bad as my caterpillar phobia.

I love the Christmas and New Year season, because I find more hand written cards in my mail box !!!

However, the card I love the most is the

"Thank you card"

We send out Christmas cards, New Year cards, Birthday cards because it is a special occasion.  It is VERY NICE to receive those cards, but I like the fact that Thank You cards come spontaneously and come from deep in their heart.

When I think back, I rarely received Thank you card until I came to Canada.

In Japan I have many good old friends, wonderful sisters and relatives, but I don't think I had done anything significant to be able to receive a Thank You card.

But in 2006, when I received a Thank you card from a group of my friends who were involved in "Yack and Snack in Chilliwack", 
I could not help crying in gratitude.

This is the actual Thank You card, my treasure. 
Card filled with words...

I came to Canada in 1999, all by myself. I did not know anyone, I had no friend.  I was a 28 years old responsible young adult, still it was challenging sometime.

When I received this Thank you card, all my memories came back to me from the time I was lonely, struggling to get my life back together again, looking for the reason why I am here, etc. 

I deserved a "Thank you card" ?!?! 
and it is filled with hand written English. 

It meant a lot for me.
That moment when I read the card, I felt like

"I think I am back..."

By the way, this group was introducing how to cook the home made meal for better health.   It was sponsored by "Success by 6" and Chilliwack Family Place.

For example, instead of buying a spaghetti sauce, we cooked together to show how easy to cook home made sauce and it is healthier! (We did home made pizza, sushi, quiche etc.)

I was one of the leading person, but I had to pull myself out from this group due to having a new born baby (3rd one), starting a new business, and my life became way too busy.

I felt very bad, but I had to choose myself at that time.

My friends who were in "Yack and Snack in Chilliwack", if you read this blog, I would like to use this space to say Thank You.  
It is my precious memory.

By reading Mr. Masaru Emoto's water research, the word "Thank You" has a positive energy,  

so I have all my Thank You cards on the wall to have positive energy in my home!

Thank you card collection!

Thank you for reading my blog !!!

10 Dec 2010

Disqualified Japanese wife ?

I like sleeping.

Especially in a Yak blanket I recently bought from my Jikiden Reiki friend.

But my sister in Japan, she wakes up 5:00am and cook family's breakfast and kid's lunch.
By 7:00am, most of the family members are gone for school or work.

7:00am ?  
Still in bed.

One of my Japanese mama friend who does catering for my Reiki classoften she wakes up 3:00am to prepare catering foods.

3:00am ?  

Another Japanese friend, she wakes up every day 5:30am to prepare a lunch for her husband.

Get up 5:30am to prepare 
a lunch for my husband?

Not  a chance.  
I love my husband dearly, 
but sleep is important.

My mothers generation, the husbands were more in charge than wives.

There is a Japanese old song that discribe typical Japanese husband, released over 30 years ago.

関白宣言 Declaration of the Husband in charge
"Declaration of the husband in charge"  -My voice in pink.

"Before I marry you, listen to my  honest opnion."  -OK-
"Don't go to bed before me." -I go to bed before my husband.-
"Don't get up from the bed after me." - I often get up after my husband.-
"Cook delicious meals." - not always.-
"Be pretty always." - doing my best.-
"Accept that I am not good at my job and will not be able to support my family." -THank you for being honest. -
"Do your best on your own talent. But don't tell me what to do other than your talent." - I stay quiet ??  Sorry I can't.-

and so on.  

Boy, my mom was furious.
She said,
"What kind of song is this.  What does he think we women are! We are not slaves!"

Then she told me not to marry a man like the one in this song.  

But there used to be so many Japanese couples like this song, really. 

If I was 30 years older and married to a Japanese husband, 
I would be a completely disqualified wife!!!

The first part sounds bad, but the second part of this song is kind of sweet.

"Happiness should be built by both of us, not only one of us." -I agree.-
"You are leaving your old home. I will be only your home." - I don't want a leash.-
"After our children grew up and moved out, do not die before me." - I can't promise. -
"Do not die before me, live longer than me, even one day." - You, live longer than me!-
"I do not want anything from you, but hold my hands and bring more than two drops of tears for me when I die." -I will definetely do so.-
"I will definetely say that my life was beautiful because of you." -Awww..-
"Do not forget that you are the only my love." - Awww....-
"You are the only my love." - I love you, too, forever. - 

Then,in 1994, 25 years after the first song was released, the same singer released the new virsion of the song with different words.

The song is in minor tune and
 the husband does not have
too much power like  
"declaration of husband in charge".
関白失脚 Husband in downfall
I was confused, "Should I laugh, should I not laugh ? "

Because, if the first song is the typical Japanese couple in old days
which is not very nice, but if the second song describe the typical
Japanese couple in modern life, there is a problem, too.

"Husband in downfall"

"After I married you, I have so many thing that I want to say, but I give up to speak up."
"Can you, please, listen to my honest feeling."
"It's OK to go to bed before me, but I wish I can have some home made left over for dinner?"
"I feel lonely when I eat microwaved curry with my dog."
"It' OK to forget that I am not good at my job, but please remember I am doing my best."

"I know you are telling our children, secretly, not to become like dad."
"But look at you. How can you sleep so much.  Sleep after every meals, sleep while watching dramas, sleep after chatting with neighbours." 
"Wasting money for diet.  If you really want to lose your weight, why do you eat so much."
"Instead of telephone shopping, why don't you go out for a shopping as an excersise?"

"Well, I know that we both have some complaints."

"But I have no regret to have a family with you."
"I go to work because I want to keep smiles on my family."
" I swore myself that I can die for my family's happiness."
"Please do not doubt about it, because it is true."   

"Life does not go the way we want. But I am doing my best."

"I would be most happy if you think of me, even a blink moment, after I die."

Anyway, after all, the husbands in both songs love his wife dearly.

That's good.

After all, 
I don't know why I became 
so serious about those songs !!!

But I know, 
I am a good wife !   I think...

Are you a Rock, a Tree or a Waterfall ?

We had the last Reiki Share evening of 2010 in Vancouver on Dec 7th!

photo is from the summer 2010

Oh, it was so so wonderful and I just LOVE being in the space with other Jikiden Reiki friends!

There was 17 enthusiastic Jikiden Reiki practitioners and one lucky guest!  The energy in the room was just amazing, as usual.

I don't think there is so many space that make you feel "Good" just by sitting in a room. 

I often hear from people who joined this group that energy in this group is particulary strong.

"I agree, and disagree."

I agree because I have joined many different Reiki share group, but there is something to do with this group that the energy flow is in harmony, compare with other group.

Maybe because I know everyone in this group, instead of being a stranger.

I disagree because the energy source is the same in different Reiki group, so the power of the energy should not be any stronger. 

But I know the reason !!! 

Because Jikiden Reiki practitioners are taught not to have any intention to heal others during the treatments, but we are taught to be 

Think nothing

Reiki practitioners who tend to think,
"I hope Reiki works for this sick lady.  I hope she feels better by my Reiki session. I am going to try hard to give her more energy."
they tend to use their own energy and deplete themselves.

Practitioner who has clear mind and are nutral and don't even think of healing work, 
they stay strong.

Reiki teaching is very much based Shinto teaching.

Shinto is a nature based teaching in Japan, and it is not a religion.

Thousands years ago in Japan, when people get sick, they go in to the nature to heal themselves.

If a sick person was living close to a forrest, they went in a forrest to find a biggest tree and lay there until they get better.
The tree branches reach out to the sky, 
and the roots grab into the earth. 
Without thinking, 
tress are exchanging energy with 
Sun and earth and purify themselves.

If a sick person was living close to the ocean, they went to the beach to find a biggest rock and lay there until they get better.
The Rocks are part of the earth. 
They charge up the energy with the Sun and 
connect themselves to the earth for
 grounding and purifying.

If a person was living close to a waterfall, they went to the bottom of the waterfall and stay there until they get better.
Rain drops are collected and make a waterfall. 
It is blessings from the Universe flowing into earth.  

These are the Shinto ways of healing.

Nature always has flow, and this flow between the Universe and the Earth is the energy for Reiki treatments. 

Healing energy does not flow out from the Reiki practitioners, but practitioners are "the pipe" between the Universe and the receiver. 

As a Reiki practitioner,

Are you a big rock that is charged up and 
radiates grounding energy ?  

Are you a big tree that is  supporting the mother earth 
with the strong roots and breathing in and out pure energy?

Are you a waterfall that collect every blessings from 
the Universe and spread the blessings to the entire earth.

I always imagine, I am a big tree that has branches reach to the every stars in the sky, and healthy roots are connected to the core of the mother earth.

It is very grounding.

6 Dec 2010

Bunk Bed and handy man

I used to sleep in a bunk bed when I was a little girl.

I still feel excited when I sleep in a top bunk bed.

Of course, my children love to sleep top bunk.  But we have no bunk bed.

When we go to Savary Island for a family vacation at Hemingway Cottage
my children take turn to sleep on a top bunk.

By the way, we had our 2nd Savary Island Reiki & Yoga Retreat. Hemingway Cottage is the homey home to go home.

We are family of 5 and we have 3 bedrooms and one guest room. guest room is always open for a guest.
Two sons share one bed room, but two beds takes over the space and there is no play area.

On Sunday morning, when I was playing backgammon with my husband,
I asked my husband,

"Can you modify kid's beds into bunk bed?"
"Yes I can."
"Let's do that! TODAY!"

He said,
"Yeah, let's do that!"

I have to motivate him to keep moving, otherwise there will be another unfinished project !!!

"OK, here are some money to get some wood, and out you go!"

We waited, waited and waited.  Rona is just 5 minutes away, 
he should be back in 30minutes at the latest.

2 hours later.... 

YES! He really came back with some wood!!!
It's really happening !

FIrst, cleaned up the toy mess and took the bed apart.

It's a bit loud for young ears.

Extended the legs for the single bed.
The bulky bed with drawers stays on the bottom.
Place them in "L" shape to be able to
 use the space for a desk.

Wow, Lots of playing space now!

Mr. Brian the handy man.
Let's take a photo!
Yup, the youngest one is always cheeky.

Happy family around the new bunk bed !

He scraped his finger while he was building the bunk bed.

Ouch ! The scar of the hero.

Next, my daughter's room's turn!