Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

26 May 2015

Reiki Hut

Today, I would like to show how talented my husband is ! 

When I promote Reiki at some trade shows, I usually keep it simple.
Just a table, brochures and business cards on display, and
a massage table or chair to give trial Reiki sessions.

It is very hard to explain what is Reiki with words. The best way
to know what is Reiki is to try it. At the trade show and expo, 
I always offer trial sessions so people can have a little taste of Reiki.

But one day, my husband said,
"You have to make it eye catching ! Let me build something for you!"
and started to draw his idea.

His drawing looked like an old Japanese style thatched house.

I said,
"Oh no no no ! This is too eye catching and I am too shy to stand
in front of this house while all the other vendors have just a table and displays !"

He said,
"I am building one !"

It always amazes me that he can draw a design on a paper, 
and he build into a real thing. Whether it is a room divider, a lamp,
a picture frame, a tree house, and now a Reiki Hut ! 

OK, Reiki Hut.

Reiki Hut is made of 8 panels, thatched roof
and wooden boards for floorings.

Back wall is made of two panels.

Side walls are also made of two panels, but has window-looking openings.

Thatched roof are made of tall grass tied up 
with hemp strings on bamboo structures.
It is tricky to put it on.

Slowly open up the roof and rest it on top.

Front walls also have window openings.

Sign board says "Reiki Ya San"

In Japan, we often call stores with "Ya San" at the end.
Veggis store is "Yasai (veggie)Ya San"
Meat store is "Niku (meat) Ya San"
Fish store is "Sakana(fish) Ya San"

Ya means Store. San is like a title that you put after the name. 
For example, Mari San, Yamaguchi San, Amanda San, Brian San. 

Ta dah ~~~ ! 

Here is one version :)
Lamp to bring some light, a noren curtain for the entrance.

In this Reiki Hut, we had two zero gravity chairs inside
and offers two sessions on going. 
But it was a wee bit too crowded inside, but helped to
cover the cost of the trade show !

This is a Christmas version.

Decoration is Christmas quilt hand made by my sister and my mom.

This is the recent one at All about Kids Show. 

With just one massage table.
We had two volunteer practitioners in here. 

I got to do Reiki on Superhero, too ! 
(That Spidey Guy can come to the birthday parties !) 

Reiki Hut is only for indoor trade shows and expo and 
I don't have this as my home studio.

When you see Reiki Hut next time, please drop by ! 

29 Oct 2014

Jikiden Reiki Booth at West Coast Women's Show

This was our 2nd time to have the booth at West Coast Women's Show.

I have been doing Reiki since 2005, and tried different marketing method 
to get the word out.

For me, the best ways to spread the word is

"Word of mouth"

People experience my Reiki session, and those people tell their friends, and those friends tell their friends how good they felt with Reiki session. 

Oh, please don't get me wrong. I am not doing Reiki just to make money, but this 
is my full time work as well, and marketing is an ongoing task.

News paper ad, magazine ad are too impersonal for me, and also I am not
a good writer. Net working, trade shows and markets are my way of marketing.

It cost a lot, but at least I can meet people, and it is possible to let those people 
to experience my mini Reiki session right at the moment.

So, we were are the trade show last weekend.

West Coast Women's Show 
--- The West Canada's largest trade show, 
brings over 25,000 shoppers to the show.

Many different style of booth and products. Candles, soaps, supplements, jewels,
purse, cosmetics, travel, hotel, insurance, to name a few. and our booth was

"Jikiden Reiki"

Jan, Maureen, Sue and myself had a 5" x 10" booth with two massage chair settings
3 of us are at the booth, one is taking a reservation, two are doing mini Reiki sessions.

It's quite amazing to see the small 5" x 10" space (1.5 m x 3m)
can make such an inviting Reiki room :) --- by the way this photo is from last year.
Nice inviting feeling

Even we are giving Reiki, we pay attention to those people 
who are walking by. Reiki still works without focusing on the receiver !

Jan keeps her smile :)
The receiver can hide by putting their face in the head rest,
and have a head set for a relaxing music to block the outside noise.

For me,  I just close my eyes and I can make my own space :)
Maureen is sitting on the stool, Mari is standing.
Depends on what part of the body
we are placing our hands on. 

Yes, 3 full days make us tired as well.  In that case, we do Reiki each other !

Jan gives Reiki for Maureen.

This yeas, 2014, we have few new items in our booth !
T-shirts, and the dragonfly red cloth ! 

1st day, Jan, Maureen and Mari are here again !
 Our booth continues to have people on the chairs.

One more new thing is, Sue joined this year ! 

2nd day morning with Sue and Maureen.
Sue is giving Reiki session.

Even though Reiki is in my daily life, there are so many people haven't 
heard of Reiki, or do not know what is Reiki !  

We have to make sure they are understanding that Reiki isn't a massage.
It's a energy healing technique, our hands doesn't manipulate, the energy does !

Some people sit down on the chair and few minutes later, 
they pick up their heads and say,

"When are you going to start ?" 
(she is expecting our hands to move...)

Then we say,

" . . . it's already started. Reiki isn't a massage, 
so my hands won't be moving, OK ? " (with smile)

They look so disappointed if they were expecting a massage, especially 
with the ladies who came to the Show for the shopping, and they are tired 
of walking around with a heavy bag full of samples, and special brooms,
and a magical door mat.

But, really, Reiki is as good as massage, if not, better...  

Here are 4 of us working together to spread the word.
Reiki as a home remedy, anyone can learn.
Reiki as part of your health care...

from left : Mari, Jan, Sue and Maureen

We all teach Jikiden Reiki and also have home studio to offer Reiki sessions ! 

If you are looking for a teacher or practitioner in your area,
Mari Okazaki : Chilliwack/Vancouver
Jan Morrison : Chilliwack/Rosedale
Sue Tedaka : Langley/Surrey
Maureen Cardoso : Abbotsford/Mission

11 Oct 2014

Tuna roll or California roll ?

"What is the difference between Jikiden Reiki and other style of Reiki ?"

This is one of the very common question I encounter, and I heard it once again last night and decided to write about it today.

Put simply, Jikiden Reiki doesn't have any non-Japanese concepts. Chakra healing, crystal healing, angel healing, aura healing, New Age teaching, materialistic gain: "how to get job with Reiki, how to be wealthy with Reiki", etc,  are non-Japanese concept and are not the part of Jikiden Reiki teaching, because Jikiden Reiki didn't take a journey through the world. 

I remember the conversation with some of other Reiki teachers, and we related
with the Sushi and the Dance. 

Using the example with Sushi.

There are sushi rolls wrapped with sea weeds, 
like tuna rolls. This is the common sushi rolls
that you see in Japan.

Then, there are sushi rolls with wrapped with rice, 
like California rolls.

I had never seen it in Japan and it had amazed me when 
I saw this roll for the fist time in Canada 15 years ago.

When my host family took me to a sushi place and I remember that I said,

"How did they make this? It's inside out ! " 

The first avocado that I ate in my life was 
in Chilliwack, in one of the sushi rolls.

I just had a Japanese high school student lived with me for a while and 
she was amazed to see the Western style sushi rolls.

She is taking a photo of the assorted sushi.

Those rolls are created to suit to the Western taste,
based on Japanese sushi recipe.
It is creative, delicious, popular menu.

Then there are crazy creative rolls, like with mango sauce 
with fish roe and poppy seeds on top, 
that don't even taste like sushi, but taste good !

All of the above are known as Sushi, none of them are better than others.
It is a personal choice.
Although I don't feel right to call the creative sushi as a traditional sushi.

Also, just like the Ballet.

Romantic Ballet started in Italian Renaissance, moved into France.

Then Classical Ballet soared in Russia.

Some people didn't like the strict style Ballets.
They created the Modern and Contemporary Ballet
and other creative and unique style of Ballet.

If you want to take the classic ballet lesson and went to the dance studio that promotes,
"Classic Ballet class", and ended up learning hip hop, you would be confused and think,

"Is the Hip Hop part of the Classic Ballet ?"

So, Jikiden Reiki is like the tuna rolls, or Romantic Ballet. There are no other cultural influence, nothing has been added or amended. The teaching contents are quite a bit different compare with other style of Reiki, strict in certain way to preserve
the traditional teaching.  It doesn't suit to some people, but it suits me.
Teaching is deeply related to Japanese culture, and deeply spiritual without 
being religious and it is a life time skill. Simple but deep. 

I often hear this comment, 
"I do Usui Reiki, it is a Japanese traditional Reiki." but in fact, there are SO MANY
style of Usui Reiki, and most of them took their journeys through the worlds, which
took place of the California Roll effect.

I also often hear this comment,
"I'm a Reiki Master and I learned to communicate with loved one in a spirit world." 
I feel this would be the Creative Roll effect. 

If you want to learn Reiki, the most important thing is that you choose the Reiki teacher and style that you feel connected.

Mari Okazaki
Jikiden Reiki Practitioner / Teacher
Website : www.jikidenreikiwithmari.com

"Reiki is a compassion in action." by Chiyoko Yamaguchi

27 Sept 2014

Ikuko's blog "Inside of the Jikiden Reiki " Part 4 ~ Digging out old photos

This story is another one that you would really enjoy ! 
Ikuko has been with Jikiden Reiki institute since 2002, and she dug out some of 
the photos from back then :) 
We can see she has been enjoying taking photos then !
Enjoy reading !

"For some reason, lately, I have been digging out the old photos 
from 12 years ago. 
Thankfully, I have done the major organizing my photo albums once, so
I was able to find the photos that I was looking for... However, my old memories
came back to my mind fresh and clear.  
Especially, in year 2004 (just 10 years ago). That was the time when I started to
take more photo with my digital camera.  As I looked at those photos,
I felt sentimental and my heart slipped back to the old time. 
There are people who I met then and I still have the connection to this day.
Of course, those people are in my old photo. . . .
"Everyone. . . . you guys look so young ~ ! "
It feels like the photo is more vibrant with youth, and young energy is
bursting out from the photo.  
I'm not the exception . . . 10 years sure can change many things . . . 
As I am looking at those photos, I decided to make this blog into
the old photo galleries. 

This is the photo when I visited Germany for the first time.
2004 August . . . 
Yamaguchi sensei from Jikiden Reiki, and Arjava sensei.


Perhaps, this photo below is capturing the moment when we were feeling
so relieved after finishing the very first over sea seminar.

This is the photo when Arjava sensei came to Kyoto in the same year in the fall. 
Two of you look young, don't you ~ !?. 

Both of them are very important people in my life and they have been great teachers for me to this day. This is my favourite photo ♫
Ha ha ~ , I was young too, just like eveyrone !

A special photo from the fall, 2004 :) 


Oh, look, I found this photo as well ~ !

Captured one photo at a pool bar in London.
Doesn't Yamaguchi sensei look cool ! "  

The end :)

5 Sept 2014

Ikuko's blog "Inside of the Jikiden Reiki " Part 3 ~ An ordinary day of the Jikiden Reiki Office

The Ikuko's blog series sure make Jikiden Reiki Kyoto staff so close
to us  ! This story is another one that you would really enjoy ! 
So many people aren't able to travel to Japan, and Ikuko's blog
gives you the virtual tour in the Jikiden Reiki Kyoto office :) 
Big thank you to Ikuko for keep us posted !  

This morning, I went to the regular Hula lesson, but I totally forgot about
it supposed to be a "photo day" for the recital in October!  I had to take
a profile photo without a special effect (make ups) to make my face
as a photo acceptable,,,, (;´ω`)ノ oh, ooohh, I'm scared to see my photo
in the program...

Anyway, I went to Kyoto after the Hula lesson to do some office work
at the Jikiden Reiki office.

Just a little walk from the near by station, but it was
a hot and humid walk ! (´Д`;)。

They weren't having a seminar in the office, so the atmosphere in
the Jikiden Reiki office was "Working mode" for all the staffs
include Yamaguchi sensei. 

Today, I am writing about "an ordinary day of the Jikiden Reiki office",
(well, I just don't have any other topic to write for the blog today ... lol) 

Ms. H (left), she looks over the whole thing, she is the general manager.
She can handle her work unbelievably in a fast speed and you can't even see
her hands are moving some time !  She has a nickname as "ZAQ" (fast cable connection),
but lately, her nickname has changed to "LTE" (the fastest cable connection !)

Here is the scene behind the office. Many emails and phone calls come to
this corner.  Global wind flows in a small Kyo Machiya (old Kyoto style office).

Ms. HM (sitting on the right). She is another very important office staff (& great cook).
I couldn't get her face in the photo today (´Д`;)。Next time ~ ! 


Here is Ms. Arakawa, kneeling on the tatami floor in the small room
in the upstairs of the Jikiden Reiki office. She is like a BIG MAMA for all Jikiden Reiki
staffs who has been with Yamaguchi's sine long before Jikiden Reiki was formed.
Here, she was doing calligraphy on each certificates one at a time in serenity... 

The certificates issued by Jikiden Reiki are keeping the same style with
how Usui sensei, the founder of Reiki, was issuing.
"Yotsu-ori": means "folding into 4 section" is the common traditional way of Japanese certificate for any kind of traditional teaching.

There is a Japanese ways of expression "Origami Tsuki" (Direct translation: Comes with a folded paper). It means "I guarantee this person." . Because, in old days, when
people are certified with a special skill, they would receive a folded certificate (folded paper), and it represents "This person is guaranteed by teacher."

So when people introduce a skilled person (in any talent) for others, people say
"This person comes with Origami ! " and it is a great compliment for a skilled person.

Certificates with her beautiful hand calligraphies are on the wall of all over the world.

And, here is Mr. Yohei Yamaguchi, red stamping on the certificates. 

He can't help himself to make a funny pose for the photo everytime. But his work
is always tidy and neat, unlikely the way how I work ,,,, I should follow his example...

"Thump!", sometime we can hear the sound from down stairs when he is stamping.
But he doesn't use the force, but he has to use his body and shift his weight
to make a clear result. Since he has take over this part of the responsibility,
we hear positive comments from people such as "The red stamp is nice and clear lately !"

By the way, Mr. Yohei looks so much like his father (Yamaguchi sensei) lately....
('-'*)(,_,*)('-'*)(,_,*) He used to look like the good looking one from a popular idle group from
a TV show,,,, but...  Well, 10 years is long enough to have some evolution on human, right?
You look much more attractive than 10 years ago, Yohei (´0ノ`*)

And, Hello there, our IT manager, Mr. Jose (。・ω・)ノ゙... 
He is working in a usual position in front of the computer. 

When we finish the congress in Spain, we should keep the promise of going for
the Bowling & Karaoke night, OK ! (^_-)☆。

Soon, Yamaguchi sensei will leave to Spain (for the seminar & congress).
We are having crazy busy days for the preparation, but I hope he will have
some rest to charge up his energy before he leaves to Spain... 

I'm leaving 1 week after they (Yamaguchi sensei & Jose) left, since I will be joining only for the congress (not the seminar).  There are only 10 days left before the congress in Spain....
I can't believe it...

I thought I would escape from the heat in Japan, but it looks like Spain is as hot as in Japan... 

Note from Mari : Yamaguchi sensei was a bit of reluctant to share this issue of Ikuko's blog as it shows how they make certificates. He thinks it is too open to the public since it supposed to be a sacred process. He agreed to share this issue because it helps people to understand how hard working our staffs are and you can see the dedication and integrity in every steps of Jikiden Reiki office work. So please do not share "your" process of making certificate in public, if you do so, please choose photos that is not so clear.
He also concerns that sometime we can see some stuffs on the office floor, but please understand that Japanese people use the floor as our table sometime, and it doesn't mean we are being disrespectful to the things on the floor.