Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

26 May 2015

Reiki Hut

Today, I would like to show how talented my husband is ! 

When I promote Reiki at some trade shows, I usually keep it simple.
Just a table, brochures and business cards on display, and
a massage table or chair to give trial Reiki sessions.

It is very hard to explain what is Reiki with words. The best way
to know what is Reiki is to try it. At the trade show and expo, 
I always offer trial sessions so people can have a little taste of Reiki.

But one day, my husband said,
"You have to make it eye catching ! Let me build something for you!"
and started to draw his idea.

His drawing looked like an old Japanese style thatched house.

I said,
"Oh no no no ! This is too eye catching and I am too shy to stand
in front of this house while all the other vendors have just a table and displays !"

He said,
"I am building one !"

It always amazes me that he can draw a design on a paper, 
and he build into a real thing. Whether it is a room divider, a lamp,
a picture frame, a tree house, and now a Reiki Hut ! 

OK, Reiki Hut.

Reiki Hut is made of 8 panels, thatched roof
and wooden boards for floorings.

Back wall is made of two panels.

Side walls are also made of two panels, but has window-looking openings.

Thatched roof are made of tall grass tied up 
with hemp strings on bamboo structures.
It is tricky to put it on.

Slowly open up the roof and rest it on top.

Front walls also have window openings.

Sign board says "Reiki Ya San"

In Japan, we often call stores with "Ya San" at the end.
Veggis store is "Yasai (veggie)Ya San"
Meat store is "Niku (meat) Ya San"
Fish store is "Sakana(fish) Ya San"

Ya means Store. San is like a title that you put after the name. 
For example, Mari San, Yamaguchi San, Amanda San, Brian San. 

Ta dah ~~~ ! 

Here is one version :)
Lamp to bring some light, a noren curtain for the entrance.

In this Reiki Hut, we had two zero gravity chairs inside
and offers two sessions on going. 
But it was a wee bit too crowded inside, but helped to
cover the cost of the trade show !

This is a Christmas version.

Decoration is Christmas quilt hand made by my sister and my mom.

This is the recent one at All about Kids Show. 

With just one massage table.
We had two volunteer practitioners in here. 

I got to do Reiki on Superhero, too ! 
(That Spidey Guy can come to the birthday parties !) 

Reiki Hut is only for indoor trade shows and expo and 
I don't have this as my home studio.

When you see Reiki Hut next time, please drop by !