Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

31 Jan 2011

Sushi making day !

Making Sushi at home sounds a bit challenging ?

But it really is not that difficult !  

Once you see how to make it, it is actually fun!

Especially if you make it with few friends !

When we cut some vegetables, we talked about how we can keep the knife sharp.

When we opened the Nori (sea weeds) package, we talked about how good the Nori will smell if we roast it.

When we roll the very first Sushi, we laugh at each other!

"Hey, yours is triangle! It is supposed to be a nice round!"
"That's OK, I like the triangle sushi !"

"Hey, I put too much stuff in a roll and it could not close up!"

We talked about our children's school life and parenting.

We "Awwww" and "Owwww" about each conversation.

Ladies conversation is very interactive, fun, and never ending !

We started the conversation about the weather, 
 and weather to the skiing, 
   skiing to the husbands, 
     husbands to the birth experience,  
       birth experience to the weight control, 
         weight control to hospital, 
           the hospital to reiki, 
             reiki to parentings, 
               parentings to the piano lessons, 
                 on and on and on.

Girls Sushi making day out was FUN!

Hope we will do this again soon !

25 Jan 2011

Be grateful

One of the most important teaching of Reiki is "Gokai", the five Principle.

Reiki practitioners and teachers are taught to live our life with Gokai.
It is not like the commandments that if you don't follow through, you get
It is a suggestion how to live our life.

Just for Today,
Do not be angry,
Do not worry,
Be grateful,
Do your duties fully,
Be kind to others.

In Japanese

Kyo dakewa
Shinpai suna
Kansha shite
Gyo o hageme
Hitoni shinsetsuni

One of the Gokai I personally like a lot is 

 "Be grateful"

The true meaning of "Be grateful" in Gokai is to be grateful for a small things
that we do not even think of in every day life.

Be grateful for the air that we breath in and out,
Be grateful for the colour of the dandelion,
Be grateful for the smell of the fresh cut grass, etc.

When I teach Jikiden Reiki class, I always share one story of my memorable
moment of "Being grateful"..

After my mother's unexpected death, it was such a shocking thing that
I, 25years old young adult, could not adjust myself to the sudden change 
from "a life surrounded by family" to "a life by myself".

When I came home from work,  room was dark and cold, no conversation, and felt 
like really no one cares about me, and I felt like there is no reason for me to be 
in this world.

Grateful to my friends who lived close by and cheered me up, and sisters who lived far away but cared deeply about me.  

But, I really missed the warmth of the home.

Towards the end of the lonely 4 years, I met my husband.

At first, I was scared to commit myself to a relationship, because I did not 
want to get hurt by losing loved one anymore. I would rather stay alone, so then
there would be no one to lose.  But somehow, he was able to change my mind
and we started to live together.

I remember the one grateful moment that brought tears in my eyes.

He came home from work, opened the door and said,
"Tadaima !"  - means "I'm home!"

Then I said,
"Okaeri !" - means "Welcome home!"  

"Tadaima' and "Okaeri" is a greeting conversation that happens in family in Japan, 
every day, sometime 10 times a day. This conversation does not happen
when you visit your friend's place, it is a family conversation.

When I said "Okaeri!", I felt such a gratitude that
"Did I just say 'Okaeri' ?  Wooow, there is a person who is coming back here as a home, 
and I live here."

"This conversation would not happen if I was alone."

"Tadaima!" and "Okaeri!" 

I never thought that such a simple conversation that we do not even think of, 
was such a heart warming words.

I was able to understand the love of this simple conversation, 
because, once I lost it from my life

I do my best to notice every moment of grateful things in my life now 
because I know it will be too late once I lost it.

I hope this message gets to my children when they old enough to read this.  
Fill up our heart with tiny little grateful things to make no space for anger, 
worry, fear and hatred.

I see snow line goes up and down.
I smell the difference of the snow and the rain.
I see the sunset makes the mountains glow in pink, orange, sometime red.
I hear the Japanese crows and Canadian crows croak out in different tune.

There are so much to notice !

Let's notice the beauty.....

15 Jan 2011

Birthday Cakes

I love cooking and baking, but I am not the best.

One of a big culture shock that I still can not get used to is the sweetness of 
the Canadian cake.

So I decided to bake cake for my children's birthdays.

Well, I said I am not the best, but I have fun.

My children give me DETAIL requests for their cake, and I do my best to make
 as close as possible,,,, within my limitation...

Pictionary game time!

What do you think what is it ?
"Train. " Not only the train,
 "James from Thomas the Tank Engine" cake.

What do you think what is it ?
Cars.  Not only the cars, but
"A monster truck is crushing into a car" cake.

What do you think what is it ?
A monster truck. Not only the monster truck,
"A monster truck that has huge tires and the body is way up in the air" cake...
Flower. Not only the flower, but
"A flower has a stem and two leaves on the side" cake.
What do you think what is it ?
"Lightening McQueen from the movie 'Cars' " cake.

What do you think what is it ?
What do you think what is it ?
A space shuttle.
"A space shuttle that looks like it is going really fast" cake
We used small party fire sparkles and stick them on the bottom
to make it looks like it is flying.

What do you think what is it ?
It supposed to be a "Giant LEGO piece" cake....

OK, I have few super talented Japanese girl friends
who can make super cakes  !!!

Made of cream puffs that are all made from scratch.
click to visit her blog (Japanese)

Theme cake made for individual interests.

Click for her own birthday party.

Obviously, compare with my talented girl friends, 
I can not make this cake baking into a business !!!

But I have fun !!

14 Jan 2011

Funny Potato

I went out to a grocery shopping.

When I was picking some potatoes, I found this potato!

"I have to buy it! My kids's going to love it! "

Of course, they laughed and laughed!

I just love those moments !

10 Jan 2011

Hawaii, my dream country

Ever since I was 10years old, I want to travel to Hawaii.

Hawaii is very popular for Japanese actors, singers, pop artist to go 
as a New Year vacation.  But that is not the reason for me.

I think Hawaii is so spiritual place, and I want to go to the area where
not many people would chose to go.  

Grandmother of Western Reiki, Hawayo Takata, is also from Hawaii.
There must be many people practice Reiki because of Mrs. Takata.

Why haven't I gone there for 30 years?

I guess I am keeping it for a special occasion, and it has been already 30 years.

Instead, I have an Hawaiian art in my bed room that I look at everyday and wish
I could meet him and be like him.  I love this art that brings respect to him
and feel like receiving wisdom from him through this art. 

Artist : Kathy Long

There is a story that I want to write about Hawaii connection.

Few years ago, I attended a 5 days personal training camp.

I got to the place earlier than I thought, even the camp staff was not ready for
the registration.

But I saw a lady from distance, maybe 50metres (about 150feet)  away.

I had this strong feeling of 

"She is going to be a important person for me in a special way."

After the registration, and before the training had started, I always happened to be standing or walking close by her.

I was like "a guy fell in love with a girl", and always looking for her, and trying to
find a chance to talk to her.

 Unfortunately, after the training had started, the training activities were completely separated between her group and my group.

I was disappointed, but I had an idea!

I wrote a letter to her and kept in my name tag, so next time I ran into her,
I could give my letter, yes, "a love letter".

I explained everything in a letter.

"I saw you from the distance before the registration,and I think you are beautiful.
I really want to be friend with you, or at least have a connection with you.
One of my dream is to go to Hawaii, and I was excited when I found out that 
you are from Hawaii.  I have an Hawaiian art in my bed room, and looking at
the art everyday and wishing my dream to visit Hawaii, and wshing I can be like 
the guy in the art. "
etc, etc, etc..."

Finally the chance had came, and I gave her my letter!

After she read my letter, I had a little chance to talk over the lunch,
we also had a good connection by doing one activity together.

I was so happy...

Then a lady came up to us while we are having a lunch and told us,

"I have an ability to see the past lives.  
You two have been together in 147 past lives, either as 
sisters, best friends, cousins, a close relationship."

I knew it !  

I knew there was something with her that I was so attracted, and it felt like
my soul was trying to reunite with her soul.  

(By the way, I totally believe that we all have past lives.)

I don't know how she felt, but I certainly felt it and I could not let this opportunity
go without connecting with her.

The intensive training did not let me give time to get to know with her,
but I exchange few emails with her after she went back to Hawaii.

I showed her the Hawaiian art that it is my bed room.


I found out that the artisit of the Hawaiian art that is in my bed room was her friend...

She even told me that when I visit Hawaii, she, her artist friend and 
I can have a dinner !!!

I just say, WOW.

I love the way the Universe bring the people together.

When I meet someone, I always think that
we are meant to be met.

I thank everyone to reunite with me.

6 Jan 2011

Down's Syndromes, a sunshine in the winter

My sister, Yuki,  has Dawn's Syndrome.

We just exchanged a New Year greetings on the phone.

People who does not know what is Dawn's syndrome, it is a condition that there is one extra copy of genetic material on 21st chromosome. 

They have particular set of facial characteristics, and often have physical and mental challenges.

My sister, Yuki.
Despite of their physical and mental challenges, I am always amazed 
how pure their spirits are !!
They are like a sunshine in a cold winter, a big tree shade in a summer, 
so gentle, kind, big heart, hard working, and playful.

Just because I had grown up with her in my childhood until I moved 
to Canada 1999, I had often came across with people who misunderstand 
about people with disabilities. 

Children are often ignorant, and too honest.  
Especially old days, being mentally and physically disabled was one of 
the thing to be hidden in the society. So when the disabled people were 
in public sight, people became curious.

In my childhood, when I was in grade 1, Yuki was in grade 4.
She was in a regular public school where I also went, but she was in 
a special needs class.

I often visited her special needs class, because there were interesting 
educational toys that regular class did not have.  
I remember that she was so happy to see me when I visited her.
She, as a big sister, was so proud of me, as a baby sister, and talked to 
her teacher about me all the time.

I was so mad when my class mates, or other students teased her or 
her special needs class mates.

Some school kids told me with the squeeky, teasing type of voice,
"Your sister talks funny and I can't understand."
"Your sister looks different."

I would say,
"Its just her, what is wrong with looking different, we all look different!"

When kids teased her class mate who had only one arm,
"Why do you have only one arm!"

Then, I would fly out in front of the girl with one arm and say,with teasing type of voice,
"Then, why do you have two arms!!!"

They would tease her classmate whose skin was covered with reddish purple skin, 
"Burned skin, Burned skin, scary monster!!!"

and I would fly out in front of the boy and,

As a little girl, I did not understand why people would tease others just 
because they look different!!!

But I understand now that they just did't know.  They have only seen 
mom and dad, sisters and brothers who are perfectly healthy.

Fortunatelly, my mother was very open minded and she did not try to
hide about her daughter, in fact, she raised her daughter as regular as
That makes us, three sisters, close together, I think.

Yuki also has a heart conditions that she can not run nor excersise that pumps
her heart harder.  She was told to live short, but she is now 43years old !
If I did not grow up with her, I will not be like I am now.
I still have so many things to learn, but lessons that I have received by growing up
with her is priceless... Really...

I think that those people who has physical and/or mental disability are
like an anchor for us all human beings.
They are giving us lessons just by being there and carry the hardships
for their body.

With my respect to my sister, Yuki.  

1 Jan 2011

New Year Eve

Today is New Years Eve.  Soooooo quiet around here, at least, around me.

In Japan, New Years Eve is a big day, just like a Christmas Eve for Canadian culture.

Family members come back to the home town.
Getting together with old friends who haven't met for years.

I have been in Canada for since 1999, and I am finally getting used to have a super busy, exciting, wined up, almost over whealming Christmas and quiet New Year.

But I certainly miss my Japanese New Year!!!

Watch the New Year Eve TV show, Kohaku Uta Gassen, (female popular singers as a 'Red team' VS male popular singers as a White team), get excited about each singers costumes.

Go out with friends to visit temple and line up to hit Joya-no-kane (a huge gong) at a Buddhist Temple.
Yes, lots, lots, lots of people.

Joya-no-kane starts around 11:55pm on December 31st, and continues until it hits 108times.

"108 times" comes from Buddhist teaching. By hitting 108 time, it helps to cleanse the guilt, anger and all the regrets and sorrows that happend in past year, and to be clean to be ready for the new future.

I think it is very beautiful culture...

Eat Toshi-koshi-soba, the "Buckwheat Noodle for New Years Eve" on December 31st.
Toshi-koshi-soba is to show the appreciation to be able to have a life for the upcoming new year, and wishing for the long life. (long noodle represents longevety)

After eating Toshi-koshi-soba,Stay up all night, or have a little snooze.

Get up early to find the most beautiful New Year's Sunrise.
Make a promise to the First Sun of the Year for a happiness and good health for 
the upcoming years.

Eat, O-zo-ni, mixture of vegetable and fish soup, with O-to-so, sweet rice wine, in the morning of the New Year.
Each foods in the O-zo-ni has meanings behind them.  As you eat each food in a soup, we remind ourselves to promise for happiness, success, achieve goals, good health, longevety.

Then go to the Shinto temple in the afternoon of New Years day,
 to make a wish, 

pick a reading(horoscope) of the year,
and buy a lucky charm(for good health, happiness) from Miko (spiritual medium in red & white clothes at Shinto Temple).
If you pick a bad reading, you know your year will only get better.
If you pick a good reading, you are promised a good year.

Children receives Otoshi-dama, gift of the year, from parents, relatives and sometime from neighbors (if they are rich!).  
It is money in a small envelope.  
We learn how to save money each year from our childhood.

Japanese New Years Eve and New Year day are full of customs and full of spirit in 
each actions.

I certainly miss this part.

Shinto teaching is such an equal, non judgemental, spirit based, nature based and honest teaching, in my opinion....

I think that is why I love Jikiden Reiki that truely respects 
the Japanese ancient teaching, Shinto.

Happiness does not come only from the happiness.
I think,,, happiness comes with the loneliness . 
Without knowing the feeling of loneliness, there is no happiness.
WIth knowing the feeling of loneliness, we can be kind to others.

Feeling healthy does not come only with the good health.
I think,,, feeling healthy comes with the sickness.
Without knowing the pain of the sickness, there is no feeling of healthy.
WIth knowing the pain of the sickness, we can be kind to others.

For my families, friends, all the people around me,

I wish you from the bottom of my heart for the happiness 
with a bit of bitterness, the good health with a bit of 
down days and smiles on your face no matter what.

Thank you for having me in your life.

Without any of you in a past, now and future, 
I would not be 'me'.

You are part of me, I am part of you...

Happy New Year !!!