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Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

23 Dec 2011

Leanne Day 13

Thank goodness, I am feeling better today ! I still have slight headache left over,
but I felt like it will go away very soon.

Before the trip to Japan, I wanted to continue Leanne's treatment

I could not go to Leanne's treatment yesterday, but my Reiki friend Erin went instead and Leanne was able to receive Reiki treatment.

Thank you Erin !!!

It sounded like the visit with Erin was wonderful for both of them.
I love the way Reiki brings people together!

Today is Day 13.

Leanne was on the bed already. She texted me earlier that she is having
a back spasm, so hopefully Reiki will reduce the discomfort.

I started the treatment from the head, as usual, and move to her arm.

She was starting to have good twitches, that is a good sign that Reiki is
working for her.

Sometime, her hand shakes for 2~3seconds and calms down.  It is kind of fun
to see all the reaction during the Reiki treatment.

Many people ask,
"How can you sit still for such a long period of time?"
"Don't you get bored?"
"What do you think during the Reiki treatment?"

I said,
"It is so fun to feel the sensation from each body, and I am enjoying
to see the reaction on their body.  I am not thinking anything, but enjoying
the feeling, so time flies so fast!"

Anyways, I moved my hands to the area where she was having spasms.

Soon after, my hands started to shake and I could feel her body was vibrating.

"oh,,,, interesting. I wonder if she is feeling the vibration..."

Then something strange happened.

My eyes were wide open, but I could see the air around her chest was in 
a yellow colour. 

It was like a yellow steam comes and goes around her chest.  I was not sure if 
the yellow steam was going into her body, or coming out from her body, but
for sure the yellow steam was there.

I often see colours when I am doing Reiki and my eyes are closed, but seeing 
the same colour with my eyes open does not happen too often.

Its absolutely beautiful !

Then I could feel the presence of Jesus.  It might sound very strange and koo-koo, but
sometime I feel the presence of Jesus.

I brought up in a Buddhist family, but I learned a little bit about Jesus by going to 
a private English class which was run by Christian family.  I couldn't agree with some of
the teaching of the Christianity, but I deeply love and respect Jesus Christ as a great master.

When I feel his presence, it is very obvious and strong, I can tell right away it is him.

I don't know why I feel him, but I know he is here to guide us.

And I believe the message that I received few days ago, "JUST CONTINUE" came from him.  When he gives me a message,  it is usually short and simple.

I said in my head,
"Yes, I will continue."

And I felt like he said,
"Don't get discouraged, even though she is having spasms, just keep doing."

I said in my head again,
"Yes, I will."

Then another interesting thing happen.

I could feel Quan Yin presence, too.  Quan Yin is a goddess of mercy and compassion.
I felt like she said to me,
"Why didn't you call me earlier?"

Then I realized that my slight headache disappear in that moment, and I could smell
really nice fragrance.  I can not tell what is this smell, but it was like a sweet flower.

For people who is reading this blog, please understand today's my experience was 
a bit out there, but it is what it is ! I am not making up story, it just happens

After the treatment, I was able to talk with Leanne, and she said,
"I'm not sure if you felt, but I could feel my entire body was vibrating at one moment!"

It is so wonderful to be able to feel the synchronistic of the Reiki treatment between
giver and receiver!

Tomorrow is the last treatment before my trip to Japan.

While I am in Japan for two weeks, 5 other practitioners will be in shifts
to continue the visit to Leanne for this intensive treatment. She will be able to
receive Reiki treatment everyday, except on Sundays.

I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful people who loves Reiki !!!

By the time I will be back, Leanne will be finishing up her 1st month of
the Reiki treatment.

My plan for this intensive treatment is to continue at least 3 month.

The first month will be balancing.
The second month will be repairing.
The third month will be regenerating.

Hope does not come true if we don't have a hope.

Hope does not come true if we do not do our best.

If I don't do our best, I will not see the best result.

I trust that the hope is here, and I do my best.

To be continue....

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