Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

5 Jun 2013

Back to Japan, many synchronism

Take a break from the Hospice series for a while and I will be writing 
stories from the trip back to Japan, my home country.

I have been back to Japan every two years, but this time was the best trip!

In 2008, I took all my three children (2yrs, 4yrs and 6yrs) by myself and I was
exhausted at the end.
- - - I promised to myself that I would never to that again.

Then, in 2010, I took all my three children (4yrs, 6yrs and 8yrs) by myself again, and
I was VERY exhausted at the end.
- - - "Didn't I promise to myself that I wouldn't do this again ~~~ ?"

As if women forget the pain of the baby birth, I forget the pain of the trip with
3 kids by myself.  So I asked people around me,

"PLEASE stop me next time if I plan a trip to Japan with 3 kids, 
and remind me the pain ~ ! "

This time, 2013. My children are 7years, 9years and 11years old. I was pretty sure
they will be OK, they are pretty much independent, so I took them to Japan,
again by myself.

It was AWSOME !  It was FUN ! 

Well, I will write the story of the trip next time, but I really would like to 
share the story of the many synchronism that happened while I was taking
a further training of Jikiden Reiki in Kyoto.

Kyoto is the birth place of Reiki. Jikiden Reiki main office is located in Kyoto
as well, and I was there to review the entire seminars (Shoden, Okuden, Shihankaku
and Shihan course) in Japanese with Yamaguchi-sensei.

First Synchronism

I heard an older man speaking at the reception area and I thought,

   " Hummm, his dialect sounds familiar to me... He must be from 
    Kyushu Island, or maybe from Nagasaki?(my home town)" 

Before I introduced myself to him, I asked him a direct question,

 "Good morning! How do you do? Are you from Kyushu Island? 
Your dialect sounds familier to me!" 

He said,

  "Yah, I am from Omura-city, Nagasaki. I do my best to speak without my dialect, 
   but it is impossible to speak without it. " (As he is trying to speak without the dialect,
   the strong dialect was already seeping out from his mouth.) 

I said,
  "Oh wow, I am from Nagasaki, too! I live in different place now, 
   but how rare to  meet a person from Nagasaki!"

I thought,
  This is a good sign! 

The Universe is giving me a confirmation that
    "I am in a right path."

The next day、the second synchronism.

There was a lady from Kunitachi, Tokyo in this class. I really wanted to talk
to her when there is a chance.
Accidentally, I sat beside her at the lunch time, so I started a conversation. 

"I remember you are from Kunitachi, Tokyo !  I used to live around the Kunitachi area when I was in a college, and I walked around the town in a training suit. " 

Then conversation continued,
She: " Oh! You were in a training suit?"
Me: "Yes, I was in a Physical Education College."
She: "What ! You mean, Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education?" 
Me: "Yes, that's it. Do you know the college?"
She: "Yes, of course! My daughter goes to the high school that is connected to
        your college!"
Me : "Oh wow, what a surprise! It is rare to meet a person who is connected
        to this college! Your daughter and I could be a senior and junior relationship!" 
She : "My daughter was training so hard in competitive gymnastics there." 
Me : " What? Gymnastics, the one with balance beam and floor etc? I used to train
         gymnastics as well!" 
She : "No kidding!"  
Me : "You daughter must be about 20 years younger than me, but it is really officially
        we are the graduate from the same school, wouldn't we?  What a rare thing! " 

In my heart,
(This is gooooooood !  Again, this is the sign from the Universe! I am so glad I came
  to Kyoto! ) 

The third day、The third synchronism.

I went to the class a bit early and stand around the reception area, and I heard 
a conversation said,
"Excuse me, Is a lady name 'Ms.Mari Okazaki' here today?" 

(Humm, that's my name. Who is this person, and why this person is looking for me? )

The thought went by in a second. 

I turn around and said, 
"Well, that's me." 

There was a gentleman with smile, and he said,
"Hi! We know each other through a Facebook! My name is Ichie." 

Ahhhh!、Ichie-san, the medical doctor who practice Reiki ! 
   I know him, I know him ! )

"I had no idea you would be here today! We met in a Facebook, but I am glad
to meet you in person! " 

There it is, there it is again ! Synchronisity! Another sign from the Universe! It keeps
telling me "Welcome to Kyoto, you are in a right path! " 

I am an optimistic person, am I.

The 4th day、The 4th synchronism.

When we were doing group practice at the end, I noticed that there was a different person who is speaking with a Nagasaki dialect again..

I thought,
 "Hummmm, she said she was from Nagoya. Would Nagoya dialect and Nagasaki dialect
be similar each other? No. Those are completely different... But she sure is speaking
with Nagasaki dialect..."

We continued a conversation and finally she said,
"Oh, I AM from Nagoya, but I was born and raised in Nagasaki ~ ! " 

There it is again ! The Nagasaki connection! 

Another sign from the Universe! 

Then after the class, I was speaking with a lady who has an ability to see
aura and energy field. 

She told me,
"I was watching how you give reiki. Your aura was so beautiful when you are doing reiki, and I could really see you truly love doing reiki! " 

It is a rare opportunity to receive this kind of unique compliment as most of the people can not see 
energy field with physical eyes, but she can.

I took it as a message from the Universe, again.  :) 

The 5th day、Another synchronism !

I am already expecting something good will happen from the morning.

At a lunch time, I wanted to talk to a younger lady who is from Yokohama-city.
This is the same city where my sister lives, so I thought she might be 
the "connection of the day" .

I did my best to sit beside her, but somewhat, it didn't work. 

She sat far far away, and in a different room ! So, I wasn't able to talk 
to her a bit :(  But that is OK.  Things happen for reasons. 

But the seat I picked was the one in front of the older lady from Nagasaki and an interesting man who works for a weather forecast company. Also beside a young
lady who has a severe buckwheat allergy

She said, she ate a chocolate that contains grains of buckwheat by accident. As the
allergy reaction started to happen, a person did reiki treatment right away, and 
the reaction calmed right down.

That is the reason this young lady wants to learn Reiki. 

Anyways, I was starting to talk with a lady who was sitting beside me, on the other side of the buckwheat lady, and she started to ask me some questions.

She : "What made you decide to go to Canada?"

Me : "I was teaching gymnastics for the 1st year in Canada." 
She : "Gymnastics? I used to compete Rhythmic Gymnastics !" 
Me : "Oh!  If you used to compete Rhythmic Gymnastics, you must know my college!"
     By the way, my college is very famous of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Many Olympic
     Rhythmic Gymnasts are graduating from this college.
She : "Which college is it?" 
Me : "I graduated from Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education." 
She : "wwwwwWhat?"
Me : "What about, 'wwwwWhat?' " 
She : "Me too." 

Together:"Noooo Waaaay ?!?!"

We were so surprised !

This college is a smaller college, and specialized in Health and Physical Education. Many high performance athletes, P.E. teachers, personal trainers etc will graduate from
this college, and VERY rare to meet a graduate.

We found out that she is only two years younger than me. The training centre for

gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics are in a same building, so we were sure that
we must have passed by each other over 20 years ago, without knowing we would
have a lunch beside each other in 2013 !

I live in Chilliwack, BC, Canada and I visited Kyoto for only 5 days from May 15 ~ 19, 2013.

Those people who came to Kyoto were also from far away within Japan.

It is a miracle that we were at the same place at the same time and have things
in common!  

And, people who I meet through Jikiden Reiki are all so genuine, truly kind, amazingly positive and optimistic people!

The doctor who I met through Facebook. He waited for 1 hour to my children to
arrive in Kyoto, and kindly checked the fresh scar on my son's cheek after a dog bite.
I rarely see a kind doctor like him nowadays,,,,. They are all business like, and
seem to me, they really don't care about people's health, but money.

I really wish there will be more doctors like him, who put their heart for the patients, and really cares about people's health...

So,  my 5 days in Kyoto was filled with miracle, to me, and it was such a joy
to treasure hunt the miracle !

The end.