Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

14 Mar 2014

Teacher who walks his talk

This is a little thank you note to my Reiki teacher, Yamaguchi sensei.

With Yamaguchi sensei in my Reiki Room in Chilliwack, BC, Canada

 I learned Jikiden Reiki with Yamaguchi sensei in 2006 for the first time. 

Jikiden Reiki was my first connection with him, but I have been learning so much more than just Reiki, but about "life" since I met him.  As I don't have parents to ask any advice, he became to be one of my important mentor for my life.

I feel honour to spend more time with him, and have more opportunity to know about him as a person, not only as my Reiki teacher, since I have started to be his translator in 2008, and organize the annual Jikiden Reiki Vancouver
seminar to invite people from all over in North America. 

I can say with my heart, he is such a casual person who has a great sense of humour but serious at the same time, down to earth and very spiritual, gentle but strict, very very caring, honest but easy going. 

I love the way he is because has no egoistic nor arrogant attitude which often happens in a teaching community. He is a person who deeply care about other people with respect and he has a deep honesty to unseen spirit world. 

Also, of course, he has deep dedication and integrity to Reiki. 

Anyways, this is what happened to my oldest son. 
His nose was starting to stuffed up, so his ears couldn't pop
when we were coming down from the ski hill.

By the time when we arrived to the town to have a dinner, my son's ear 
was hurting so bad, and he was feeling sick.

Yamaguchi sensei happened to sit beside him, and gently talked to him,

"Is your ear hurting?"

As he talked, his hand was already looking for a spot to place his hand 
on my son's head.

Yamaguchi sensei gives Reiki for my son's ear ache.

I already ordered his favourite beer. Usually, when beer comes to the table,
Yamaguchi sensei starts enjoying his drink, but it wasn't the case this time.

As my son sat upright, Yamaguchi sensei continues to
place his hand on my son's head.

Yamaguchi sensei continues to place his hand on my son's head, 
and eventually my son start to feel a bit better and was able to enjoy 
the last few bites of Sushi and some miso soup. 

Yamaguchi sensei is definitely a teacher who walks his talk.
I am so grateful to learn with him....

Yamaguchi sensei, Arigato gozaimasu


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this story with us Mari. It reminds me of another similar situation during a seminar we attended in Halifax when Tadao Sensei discretely gave reiki to a sick student who was sitting besides him, just resting his hand on her back. You probably remember also. Very touching. I hope that your son now feels much better. :o) Francine

Mari Okazaki said...

Thank you Francine for leaving your comment.

It is so natural for him to place his hands on a sick person.

He also did reiki on me when I had fainted during the seminar !!! It made me cry !

brok341 said...

It was his sereneness and sincerity that glows from him. I had the honour and privilege of having Yamaguchi Sensei and Arjava Sensei as my teachers in July last year in Frankfurt. Having searched for a good part of my life for true teachers of Reiki, I was lifted and enlightened by both Sensei's and their ego-less approach to teaching Jikiden Reiki. they continue to inspire me to always do my best and be sincere in my good intent. Thank you for the lovely blog and description of our Sensei! Argigato, Mari

Mari Okazaki said...

> brok341 Thank you for leaving your comment!
I totally agree with you that two teachers, Yamaguchi sensei and Arjava sensei are such a down to earth people with no ego, that makes the Jikiden Reiki teaching into a real teaching.
Thank you!

energetic bliss said...

I HONOR Tadeo Yamaguchi and You Mari for my Shihan Kaku training~ Beautiful testament.