Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

28 Jul 2011

Reiki at camping

I love Reiki. Both teaching and practicing.

Especially when I see the positive result from the Reiki treatment, I get so excited
and want to do more to see even better result.

But I know not everyone understand Reiki. In fact, most of the people has some 
level ofdoubt for Reiki. Until they experience the Reiki treatment themselves, 
then they understand !

I am not saying Reiki gives complete cures to the serious illness, but Reiki always gives positive result.

You can doubt, criticize, not believe, it still works.

Here is my recent story of Reiki !

We went 3 generation family camping for 4 days. Started with a big adventure.

Our poor truck broke down 1 hour after we left to the camp site. 3 hours to go, not even close to the camp site.

Here comes tow truck for a rescue. 
We almost missed the big family camping !

But everyone helped us to get there, and we finally arrive to the camp site!

But my father in law was sitting there with upset stomach. He looked pale.

Father in law on the right

Beside him, there was my niece having a headache and her mother was giving
her a Reiki treatment.

Sunshined, big rain came. But it was all fun, because we were all together!

However, my father in law still does not feel good even on the second day.

I thought,
"I wish I could do Reiki for him. I am sure he would feel better if he receive Reiki treatment....."

But I know he is not really sure about Reiki.  He does not say anything bad about Reiki, but I just know, he is not sure.

In the morning of the second day, I mentioned to him,
"If you are open for Reiki, I am more than happy to do Reiki for you. I am sure it will help to make you feel better. You can think about it !"

I did not want to push him too much, but at the same time I wanted to let him know that Reiki was available.

He was still feeling sick at the lunch time. He even said,
" If I feel like this tonight, I will not stay another night. "

Some of the family members sort of understand, or accept Reiki. In fact, my sister in law (his daughter), and my niece (his grand daughter) learned Reiki. 
They are telling him,
"Let Mari do Reiki on you!"

"O,,,,K,,,,, if you guys say so,,,,,"

I did Reiki for maybe 30minutes.  He sat on the lawn chair, and I put my both hands 
on his belly.

30minutes later, I asked him
"Are you OK? Would you like more?"
and he said
"I think I had enough." 

Am I torturing him?  

I told him
"You might want to go back to your motor home and rest for a while. Even though you don't feel any difference now, you will start feeling better later. Give some time for your body to digest the information." 

And he went back for a little rest.

Meanwhile, other family members were playing a Reiki train!

Alanah had allergy reaction, and her mother was giving her Reiki. The son came along and give his mom a pretend-Reiki on her head. Uncle came along and give his nephew a pretend-Reiki. Nephew came along and give his uncle a pretend-Reiki. Sister came along and give her brother a Reiki.

***) Only the 2nd and the 5th person on this Reiki train took Jikiden Reiki training.
But I love the way Reiki is working here!

 I even brought my massage table to a camp site to do some Reiki.

Few hours later, father in law came back.  He does not look sick, in fact, he looks just fine! 

"Where the heck is the wine that I brought?" and he started to drink his favourite red wine.

father in the middle, red jacket

I was in a kitchen and making sushi rolls by myself.

As he pour himself a glass of wine and going out the door, shyly and not looking at me, he said,

"Whatever that is, Rakay or Riki, something. I think it worked. I feel good now. Thanks!"

At the dinner time, he said to the family 
" Wine works really good to me! I feel really good now ! "

Some family members told me later
"There is no doubt that Reiki worked on him. What a big difference since few hours ago! It's not the wine!"

Look at his smile !  4th from the left

Beauty of Reiki.

no electricity
no computer
no capsule, no pill
no bottle of herb
no bandaid
does not have to be in a special room
in a house, on the ferry, in the airplane,
in the office, on the island
noisy place, hot place, cold place

learn reiki and anyone can do reiki in any place.

Reiki is intelligent.

I think.

13 Jul 2011

Share my hair

I have a long hair.  Well, I HAD a long hair.

My hair became so long because I could not find a good hair stylist 
in Chilliwack, the farm town where not so many Japanese live.

When I first time came to Canada in 1999, my hair was short, and I wanted to maintain
my short hair. 

 But every time when I went to get a hair cut, I came home with a big
disappointment!  After the few attempts, I came to the conclusion that 

"The Canadian hair stylists are not used to cut the Asian hair ! "

Every hair stylist in Japan said, my hair is so soft and very easy to handle and 
I always satisfied with the hair cut in Japan. 

But compare with caucasion's hair, Asian hair is coarse hair.  If stylist hasn't been trained with Asian hair, they have very hard time to make it stylish.

I became afraid of going to the hair cut, and thought it is safer to let it grow longer 
than get a hair cut.

For about 6,7 years, I always have long hair and I did not get any hair cut last year!

One day, my friend who had a long hair got a hair cut.  I asked her

"Why did you get a hair cut ?"

She said,
"I donated my hair."

"BINGO~! My heart rang !"

That's it !  I am going to do it !

I have no idea that I could donate my hair!

I researched about the hair donation, and there are few rules.

- No perm
- No colouring
- at least 9 inches
- less than 10% of grey hair

Well, I passed everything!  I have no perm, no colour, I have 17 inches to donate, and no grey hair!

I hope my hair will help to make one more wig for people who 
lost their hair because of the chemo therapy, 
or the hair loss illness called Alopecia.  

1 Jul 2011

Distant Reiki

Distant Reiki is amazing.  This is one of my favourite technique of Reiki.

Once you learn the second level of Reiki, you will be able to do distant reiki.

Distant Reiki ???

Yes, Reiki sessions from distance.

I sit in my living room in Canada, and do the Reiki session for a person
who is in USA, or England or Japan.  Anywhere in the world.

Yes, energy is connected all over the world.

I know, I know, you are thinking,

"How is it possible to do a healing work without even touching nor meeting
 the person who is receiving a treatment ???"

It IS possible.

Distant healing has been in Japan even before the country was named "Japan" . 
3000 years ago or more.

There are many different ways of doing distant healing, but in Japan, it was part of a nature healing, not everyone knows how to do it, but everyone can learn how to do it.

It works amazing.

Before I learned Reiki, I have no idea there is such thing called "distant healing". When I was introduced to the idea, I asked the person,

"Do I use phone to do it?  or Fax? Internet????  How ? "

She said,
"You don't need phone, fax, internet. You just have to learn how to do it and you will be able to do it."

"Hummmm." I said.

After I came back from my first Jikiden Reiki seminar with Mr.Tadao Yamaguchi, I was very excited to be able to do Reiki from distance!!

Since 2006, just about everyday, I am doing either in-person Reiki treatment, or Reiki treatment from distant, and this is one of my favourite technique.

One of the sign if Reiki is in progress or not is that "tingly sensation" or "goose bump feeling".

So when you are feeling sick and if you asked me to try distant reiki, but not knowing when I am doing distant reiki session, please watch for the sensation of "tingly" or "goose bumpy feeling".

That is the sign that you are receiving Reiki treatment, so please be thankful and rest!

Remember, anyone can learn and do this technique. It works for cuts, bruises, burns, cold, flu, pains, or more serious sickness, also anxiety, depressions, stress etc.  

It really comes handy for me as I live in Canada, and both of my sisters and original families and relatives  and old friends are all live in Japan.

I just keep doing distant reiki when I hear my sister, or my brother in law were feeling stressed, or sick.   So far, it always works !!!

What a wonderful thing to have in my life.