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Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

5 Sept 2014

Ikuko's blog "Inside of the Jikiden Reiki " Part 3 ~ An ordinary day of the Jikiden Reiki Office

The Ikuko's blog series sure make Jikiden Reiki Kyoto staff so close
to us  ! This story is another one that you would really enjoy ! 
So many people aren't able to travel to Japan, and Ikuko's blog
gives you the virtual tour in the Jikiden Reiki Kyoto office :) 
Big thank you to Ikuko for keep us posted !  

This morning, I went to the regular Hula lesson, but I totally forgot about
it supposed to be a "photo day" for the recital in October!  I had to take
a profile photo without a special effect (make ups) to make my face
as a photo acceptable,,,, (;´ω`)ノ oh, ooohh, I'm scared to see my photo
in the program...

Anyway, I went to Kyoto after the Hula lesson to do some office work
at the Jikiden Reiki office.

Just a little walk from the near by station, but it was
a hot and humid walk ! (´Д`;)。

They weren't having a seminar in the office, so the atmosphere in
the Jikiden Reiki office was "Working mode" for all the staffs
include Yamaguchi sensei. 

Today, I am writing about "an ordinary day of the Jikiden Reiki office",
(well, I just don't have any other topic to write for the blog today ... lol) 

Ms. H (left), she looks over the whole thing, she is the general manager.
She can handle her work unbelievably in a fast speed and you can't even see
her hands are moving some time !  She has a nickname as "ZAQ" (fast cable connection),
but lately, her nickname has changed to "LTE" (the fastest cable connection !)

Here is the scene behind the office. Many emails and phone calls come to
this corner.  Global wind flows in a small Kyo Machiya (old Kyoto style office).

Ms. HM (sitting on the right). She is another very important office staff (& great cook).
I couldn't get her face in the photo today (´Д`;)。Next time ~ ! 


Here is Ms. Arakawa, kneeling on the tatami floor in the small room
in the upstairs of the Jikiden Reiki office. She is like a BIG MAMA for all Jikiden Reiki
staffs who has been with Yamaguchi's sine long before Jikiden Reiki was formed.
Here, she was doing calligraphy on each certificates one at a time in serenity... 

The certificates issued by Jikiden Reiki are keeping the same style with
how Usui sensei, the founder of Reiki, was issuing.
"Yotsu-ori": means "folding into 4 section" is the common traditional way of Japanese certificate for any kind of traditional teaching.

There is a Japanese ways of expression "Origami Tsuki" (Direct translation: Comes with a folded paper). It means "I guarantee this person." . Because, in old days, when
people are certified with a special skill, they would receive a folded certificate (folded paper), and it represents "This person is guaranteed by teacher."

So when people introduce a skilled person (in any talent) for others, people say
"This person comes with Origami ! " and it is a great compliment for a skilled person.

Certificates with her beautiful hand calligraphies are on the wall of all over the world.

And, here is Mr. Yohei Yamaguchi, red stamping on the certificates. 

He can't help himself to make a funny pose for the photo everytime. But his work
is always tidy and neat, unlikely the way how I work ,,,, I should follow his example...

"Thump!", sometime we can hear the sound from down stairs when he is stamping.
But he doesn't use the force, but he has to use his body and shift his weight
to make a clear result. Since he has take over this part of the responsibility,
we hear positive comments from people such as "The red stamp is nice and clear lately !"

By the way, Mr. Yohei looks so much like his father (Yamaguchi sensei) lately....
('-'*)(,_,*)('-'*)(,_,*) He used to look like the good looking one from a popular idle group from
a TV show,,,, but...  Well, 10 years is long enough to have some evolution on human, right?
You look much more attractive than 10 years ago, Yohei (´0ノ`*)

And, Hello there, our IT manager, Mr. Jose (。・ω・)ノ゙... 
He is working in a usual position in front of the computer. 

When we finish the congress in Spain, we should keep the promise of going for
the Bowling & Karaoke night, OK ! (^_-)☆。

Soon, Yamaguchi sensei will leave to Spain (for the seminar & congress).
We are having crazy busy days for the preparation, but I hope he will have
some rest to charge up his energy before he leaves to Spain... 

I'm leaving 1 week after they (Yamaguchi sensei & Jose) left, since I will be joining only for the congress (not the seminar).  There are only 10 days left before the congress in Spain....
I can't believe it...

I thought I would escape from the heat in Japan, but it looks like Spain is as hot as in Japan... 

Note from Mari : Yamaguchi sensei was a bit of reluctant to share this issue of Ikuko's blog as it shows how they make certificates. He thinks it is too open to the public since it supposed to be a sacred process. He agreed to share this issue because it helps people to understand how hard working our staffs are and you can see the dedication and integrity in every steps of Jikiden Reiki office work. So please do not share "your" process of making certificate in public, if you do so, please choose photos that is not so clear.
He also concerns that sometime we can see some stuffs on the office floor, but please understand that Japanese people use the floor as our table sometime, and it doesn't mean we are being disrespectful to the things on the floor.

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