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Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

11 Oct 2014

Tuna roll or California roll ?

"What is the difference between Jikiden Reiki and other style of Reiki ?"

This is one of the very common question I encounter, and I heard it once again last night and decided to write about it today.

Put simply, Jikiden Reiki doesn't have any non-Japanese concepts. Chakra healing, crystal healing, angel healing, aura healing, New Age teaching, materialistic gain: "how to get job with Reiki, how to be wealthy with Reiki", etc,  are non-Japanese concept and are not the part of Jikiden Reiki teaching, because Jikiden Reiki didn't take a journey through the world. 

I remember the conversation with some of other Reiki teachers, and we related
with the Sushi and the Dance. 

Using the example with Sushi.

There are sushi rolls wrapped with sea weeds, 
like tuna rolls. This is the common sushi rolls
that you see in Japan.

Then, there are sushi rolls with wrapped with rice, 
like California rolls.

I had never seen it in Japan and it had amazed me when 
I saw this roll for the fist time in Canada 15 years ago.

When my host family took me to a sushi place and I remember that I said,

"How did they make this? It's inside out ! " 

The first avocado that I ate in my life was 
in Chilliwack, in one of the sushi rolls.

I just had a Japanese high school student lived with me for a while and 
she was amazed to see the Western style sushi rolls.

She is taking a photo of the assorted sushi.

Those rolls are created to suit to the Western taste,
based on Japanese sushi recipe.
It is creative, delicious, popular menu.

Then there are crazy creative rolls, like with mango sauce 
with fish roe and poppy seeds on top, 
that don't even taste like sushi, but taste good !

All of the above are known as Sushi, none of them are better than others.
It is a personal choice.
Although I don't feel right to call the creative sushi as a traditional sushi.

Also, just like the Ballet.

Romantic Ballet started in Italian Renaissance, moved into France.

Then Classical Ballet soared in Russia.

Some people didn't like the strict style Ballets.
They created the Modern and Contemporary Ballet
and other creative and unique style of Ballet.

If you want to take the classic ballet lesson and went to the dance studio that promotes,
"Classic Ballet class", and ended up learning hip hop, you would be confused and think,

"Is the Hip Hop part of the Classic Ballet ?"

So, Jikiden Reiki is like the tuna rolls, or Romantic Ballet. There are no other cultural influence, nothing has been added or amended. The teaching contents are quite a bit different compare with other style of Reiki, strict in certain way to preserve
the traditional teaching.  It doesn't suit to some people, but it suits me.
Teaching is deeply related to Japanese culture, and deeply spiritual without 
being religious and it is a life time skill. Simple but deep. 

I often hear this comment, 
"I do Usui Reiki, it is a Japanese traditional Reiki." but in fact, there are SO MANY
style of Usui Reiki, and most of them took their journeys through the worlds, which
took place of the California Roll effect.

I also often hear this comment,
"I'm a Reiki Master and I learned to communicate with loved one in a spirit world." 
I feel this would be the Creative Roll effect. 

If you want to learn Reiki, the most important thing is that you choose the Reiki teacher and style that you feel connected.

Mari Okazaki
Jikiden Reiki Practitioner / Teacher
Website : www.jikidenreikiwithmari.com

"Reiki is a compassion in action." by Chiyoko Yamaguchi

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