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Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

9 Aug 2023

*Story of the Reliable and Helpful Young Men*

I'm in a panic mode.

This Honda kei van became our precious buddy since just 30 minutes after arriving on Goto Island. His name is “Hako-kun” (Hako=box). (My son is Mako-kun.)

However, on my way back from work, (it's quite refreshing to be working for someone after being self-employed for so long)
I was invited, "Hey, want to stop by for a drink?"
Being invited to "have a drink after work” also felt so new to me. (ended up having juice)
But, Hako-kun wouldn’t start upon leaving the bar.

"Oh no, what should I do? Daddy~ 😭."

I'm completely clueless about cars; when I'm in Canada, I leave it all to my husband if anything happens.
(When the kids were young, they used to call us "Mommy" and "Daddy," but as they grew up, the sons started to call their father "dad," and I'm the only one who still calls him "Daddy.")

Then, the young men who had been sitting next to me a moment ago and the bar master came out and gathered around Hako-kun, discussing and troubleshooting.
"It's probably the battery. " "Maybe we should push-start it. " "No, it might be faster to call my dad."

The Pub master reassured me,
"Don't worry, we'll figure it out."

I had no choice but to rely on these young men.

In the end, one of their father came to the rescue at 11 pm, and those guys all pushed the van together to push start.
The father said,
“Don’t let it stall until you get home. Well, if it stalls again, I'll come to help again."
...How kind 😭

Living in a remote area, stalling in the middle of the road is not an option for me.
So, I made it home safely!

However, after parking in front of the house, I thought,
"I've driven for 25 minutes, and the battery should be charged."
But when I tried to start it just to be sure, the engine wouldn't turn over.

"Daddy~ 😭!"

What should I do? I was filled with anxiety and went to bed.

"Oh, right. Maybe the car dealership where I bought Hako-kun can help."
I called the dealership first thing in the morning, and he efficiently guided me over the phone. Ultimately, he decided to come to my remote location took him 30 minutes 😭.

In Canada, it's unlikely that a human will answer the phone so early in the morning. You navigate through a tape-recorded menu, "Press 2 for English, Press the appropriate number for your inquiry, Press the number to speak to a representative," and even after talking to a human, you're often redirected, "We'll connect you to the appropriate department," which can be a lengthy process. Reservations might even take three days.

However, during these two months on Goto Island, it seems the person who can help you actually answers the phone, making things progress at lightning speed.
I thought the issue could be resolved today if I contact them early, but it seems it wasn’t necessary to call so early (lol).

In the end, they decided to send a tow truck.
However, my location is a relatively remote area, even the local folks can’t seem to find our house.

Even though the narrow bumpy farm road is on Google Maps, why isn't the road leading to my house on Google Maps?!

The dealership was lost, and I couldn't provide good directions since I'm new to this neighborhood.
After a while, I went outside and found him there!
I apologized for the early morning and not being able to give him a direction, also the long drive in the heat, but his next words were,

"No problem. When we talked on the phone,
the sound of cicadas was really loud,
so I figured you must be near the mountains."

…Wow, so cool!

Not only he is handsome but also cool in what he said.

"I figured you'd be around here since the cicada sounds were close."

That explanation, I've never heard anything like it before, and it gave me a strong sense of nostalgia.

It's a feeling of Japanese beauty, a sense of the seasons, and a connection to nature that you wouldn't experience in Canada, or maybe even in the urban parts of Japan.

So, the story of those young men I met for the first time, who turned out to be my heroes, and the handsome car doctor who followed the sound of cicadas to my house, left me deeply moved.

I am managing somehow my eventful life on Goto Islands, thanks to the warm support of everyone,

To all those involved, truly, thank you very, very much.

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