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Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

1 Nov 2011

Not being efficient, yet.

I'm supposed to have extra 6 hours since this September !

But it has been already 2 month since the last post.  Why ???? 

Until then, I had 2hour-my-own-time for three times a week.  I would go to a 
grocery shopping by myself, going to the bank by myself, folding laundries by myself 
and the precious 2 hours had finished in no time.

I love the by-myself-time, and even though it was the time at vegetable store, or at the bank, I was happy.

Since this September, my youngest son has started a kindergarten.  I have 6 hours by myself time, every day.  

6 hours! 

This is such an exciting news for me. This past 9years of intensive parenting time, I am enjoying very much to raise my children, I love them dearly and deeply, but I was missing my free time. 

I was so much looking forward to getting my free time back!

6hours a day!     What do I do?     6 hours x 5 days = 30hours / week.

I can do many many things that I could not do in past 9 years !!!

First of all, I want to move my evening Reiki appointments to day time, so then
I can have a family time after the dinner. 

Then I want to start going Yoga classes.

I also want to volunteer at my children's school as I haven't done volunteer for my two older children.  It time to start help their school.

I want to do volunteer Reiki for people who are sick but who can not afford private treatments.  By having 6 hours extra time, I should be able to do it.

Oh, I want to start writing letters, hand writing letters to my friends and families.

Oh, yeah, I should practice playing piano little more regularly. To say that, I also want to practice the harp which I just started this June.

I remember what I want to start again!  Knitting!  I should pull out all the yarns and knitting needles, so then I will really start!

Ohhh !  I should put some oil on my sawing machine, so then I can finally use the fabric that I bought to make the bedding cover.


Just by thinking of all, 6 hours has passed already.

My mind and body are in shock that shifting the life from "no time" to "lots of time",
I don't know what to do, where to start.  I do little bit of this, little bit of that, and realize nothing got done.

"What did I do today? Where is my 6 hours? "

"I am so not efficient."

"OK, Mari, one at a time, one at a time."

My first ONE is Yoga.

I used to be a gymnast, so I am pretty flexible.

I used to be able to grab my ankle beside my ears (arching from behind),
I could split my leg for 180degree, if not 200 degree.
However, going through 3 pregnancies, my body became so rusty.

Now I started Yoga, so I can get my flexibility back.

I can not remember, yet, the name of the each pose, but I'm learning this pose,

I'm learning this pose (I'm pretty serious.)

With my short arms and long torso, this pose does not work well for me.
Even I used the blocks, still doesn't work.  My body has to be off the ground.
But I have fun.

My Yoga teacher gave me a challenge to do this,

and this pose!  It is quite acrobatic, and I love it!

You might think that gymnastics and Yoga are similar, but they are not !!!

In gymnastics training, often you hear
"Point your toes!  Don't make the bad toes, you will lose points!"

In Yoga studio, often you hear
"Flex your toes !"
pointing toes does not work for Yoga.

Gymnasts stretch their arms as long as possible as if the shoulder pop out from the socket, but you have to keep the shoulder build into the back when you to Yoga practice.

Depends on the situation, one could be correct while the other is incorrect.

I realized that it applies to our life, too !!!

Depends of the situation, one could be correct while the other is incorrect.

You have to be adjustable for each situation to make the hard situation easy.

The key of the life is to be adjustable and flexible,,,, isn't it?!  

It feels like Yoga will be another life coach for me ~ ! Bring it on!


latelifesingle said...

I remember well the day I sat in my kitchen, just home from dropping my youngest at kindergarten -- finally!-- and thinking, "I have all morning to myself."

I think I took a nap!

Tegan McMartin said...

Welcome back to yoga, Mari! while I never was really a gymnast, I love the strength & awareness that yoga practice provides for me. I'm hoping yoga will be a good foundation for injury prevention and general mind body harmony. look forward to reading how it goes for you!

Mari Okazaki said...

Thank you the all the comments! I am finding that having a gymnastics back ground is a good start for Yoga practice, but the way of flexibility between Yoga and gymnastics are entirely different! Very interesting!