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Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

2 Nov 2010

Phobia, Reiki and pet fruit flies?

I have a phobia. But it is getting better.

I have a caterpillar-phobia, it used to be really extreme.
I can grab cockroach, beetles and spiders, but not caterpillars...

I like organic veggies, but they tend to have little creatures
living under the leaf ....

Until, maybe, last year (2009),
When I found a little inch worm in between cabbage leaves,
I would through the cabbage into the sink, just like 
a rugby ball player, and,

    "Arrgggrrr !!!!"

scream and run from the kitchen to the corner of the house,
and ask my 4yrs old son (now he is 8) to take it outside.

I would avoid to read "A very hungry caterpillar" for
my children as much as I could.

I was asked to do a Reiki session for one of the attendance.

I was so happy to be able to still give Reiki session while 
I came to teach a class!


There was a caterpillar in the beautiful Reiki room in the woods.

  "Arrgggrrr !!!!"

I am a Jikiden Reiki teacher, I am teaching people about
Anjin-Ryumei, the state of complete peace in mind.

"Just for today, do not be angry, do not worry
be grateful, do your duties fully, be kind to others."

But I am the one being panicked by just a little 

Mari, it is time to get over it....

But it is from my childhood trauma.....

One night, when I was 7 years old, I put a fresh washed pajama
and went to bed.

I felt itchy around my belly, but I did not care.
I just scratched and went back to sleep.

Few minutes later, again, I felt itch around my belly.
I just scratched and went back to sleep.

Few minutes later, same again, 
I felt itch. I thought it was an ant.

Well, that's enough, you ant!
Stop keeping me awake! 

and I stood up from my bed.

Thump.  Something fell on the floor.

" Wahhhhrrrrgggg!!!! A caterpillar was in my pajamarrrrrrgggg!!!!

The big black hairy one with an orange head inched away as fast as it could, 
and left a big hives all over my soft little belly.

Ever since, I have a caterpillar-phobia.

But I decided to get over it.  How?

I used Jikiden Reiki and did self-treatments.

People who learned self-psychological treatment with
 Jikiden Reiki they would giggle, just by imagining how I do.

Then, I started to use a word "caterpillar" during my Jikiden Reiki class.

I use a butterfly's life as the example of our life's transformation.


I still feel hee-bee-gee-bee when I see a word "caterpillar",
but I am OK, I breath.

It has been over 1 year since I became more concious about
getting over this silly phobia.

I am now proud of myself that I enjoyed a science experiment
with my children.  

   We had pet fruit flies.

It started with those annoying fruit flies all over my
clean kitchen, making my kitchen looks like a dirty place.

My friend, Marilyn, at Hemingway Cottage on
Savary Island told me how to control those annoying
fruit flies.

A piece of banana in a small container and put a clear wrap over,  tight seal with a elastic band.    Poke few holes with a tooth pick for fruit flies to get in.                  Well, they are smart enough to get in, but dumb enough not to get out.

Then, I noticed that there is a little maggot squirming.

Normally, I would scream and run.

When I see a maggot, it reminds me the story of Bare foot Gen.

I used to be terrified by the story of
"Bare foot Gen" and the role of maggots in the story were horrible.

But I noticed that I was more fascinated.

This is my transformational moment!

Yes, sorry, it is grouse. 

By the way, I am from Nagasaki, and I grow up with those horrifying stories around atomic bomb.    "Bare foot Gen", was one of those story in animation for kids to read.

Mean while, the fruit fly trap is catching so many flies!  
Every few hours, I would let them free outside.  
I am not killing them ! This is a guilt-free trap!

Then I noticed that the little maggots turned into cocoons.

"Wow, kids, look! It turned into cocoons, did you know that ?!?!"

"Yeah, mommy, OK...."

       Not so interested.

I thought if i keep the hole open, I would not know 
which was was the new born fruit fly.

So I even changed the clear wrap to be able to
celebrate the hatch.


I did not know the newly hatched fruit flies
are transparent, and it was actually cuter than
others, because I witnessed its birth!!!

This was the story about Reiki and Phobia.

I hope my kids will enjoy reading this story when they are older.

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