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Jikiden Reiki is the Reiki from its birth place, Japan.
Nothing is added or amended from its original teaching from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi, one of the 20 students of Mr. Usui, the founder of Reiki.

31 Mar 2013

Hospice series 3 ~ Keeping connection

 Continue from the last post Hospice series 2 ~ Making Connection 

Before get into my connection with Hospice, 
I want to explain a bit of my back ground.

I was introduced Jikiden Reiki in 2006 March.  The seminar was only in 
Japanese for Japanese people lived in BC.

In 2007, I took Shihankaku course (Level 1 teacher course) and it was again 
in Japanese for Japanese people lived in BC.  I suggested my teacher Mr.Yamaguchi 
that would he consider to do his seminar with English translation, and his answer was "Yes, if he could find an interpreter."  

Without any proper translation training nor interpreter license, I jumped in 
without a doubt. It would be a good thing to do to spread this wonderful teaching.
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Next year in 2008, we did our first Jikiden Reiki seminar in Vancouver with an
English translation for English speakers.

Then the year after in 2009, I took over the work to organize the entire seminar.

So, when I took over the position as an organizer, I started to think how could I use 
this opportunity to bring the awareness of Jikiden Reiki to the public.  

This is what I did to keep the connection with Chilliwack Hospice Society.

arranged a Jikiden Reiki talk show for the people who didn't know about
the Jikiden Reiki, and people who couldn't attend Mr.Yamaguchi's seminar.
I was already too busy with the seminar arrangement, so I asked for help
from my friends to arrange this event.

I wanted to gather 60 people. One of the reason I wanted to have 
as many people as possible was so I could donate my portion of 
the net profit to Chilliwack Hospice Society.

I invited Lucy and other people from the Chilliwack Hospice Society to 
join this evening, so Lucy could receive the donation certificate at 
the end of the event.

Many orbs (spirits) started to show up to this events.

The event was held at Havana Restaurant on Commercial Drive in Vancouver 
for $15/person.

People really enjoyed Mr.Yamaguchi's talk with opening/closing with a local singer
song writer,Rae Armour's songs with guitar. 
(Which I don't have photos because I was on the stage,,,)

Towards the end, we mentioned about part the profit from this evening with Mr.Yamaguchi will be donated to Chilliwack Hospice Society.

I see the orb on the left top corner.

       By the way, I believe in "Orbs" the spirits lights that show up on the photos. 
       They are round and different than dust/snow/rain drops/ that show up on the photos.

      What I believe about the Orbs on the photos is that when Orbs are in the photo,
      spirits are confirming that people in the photos are on the right path and truly enjoying
      the moments.

SO, this is the photo when we were just about giving the donation certificate
to Lucy the bunny lady who I met at the office of the Chilliwack Hospice Society.

Bright orb above Lucy's head !

When I saw this photo, I felt so good that spirits were also happy about what we 
were doing ! (Such a bright orb showed up above Lucy's head ! )

I didn't know how much I could donate for the Chilliwack Hospice Society until 
the evening was done, because I wasn't sure how many were coming.  

It was about 35 people all together (with few people were invited with no cost) and 
total donation cost was calculated after deducting the rent of the venue.

When I calculated the portion to give to Mr.Yamaguchi and gave an envelop of 
his portion, I casually mentioned that all my portion would be going to 
Chilliwack Hospice Society.

He looked at me with amaze, and said, 

"Really? So, you don't receive any of the money from this event?"

I said, 
" No. That's why I wanted to gather at least 60 people so I could donate more money. 
But  I could only gather 35 people.... I think Chilliwack Hospice Society would be 
happy with any amount though. "

Without any hesitation, Mr.Yamaguchi returned the envelope back to me and said,
"Add this to the donation."

I said,
"Oh, I didn't mean to ask you to give your portion as well."

He said,
"It is a good cause, and I would like to join to your idea."

It was a smaller amount than I was planning to, but it all went to 
Chilliwack Hospice Society.

This was one of the way I kept the connection with Chilliwack Hospice Society
until the time I could donate my time.

My story of the Hospice society will be continued,,,,

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